Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pictures of Christmas

Aha! Didn't find the battery charger yet, but did find a package of AA batteries tucked back in a drawer.

I know you're all way past Christmas and have everything down and packed away, but here are some lingering reminders....

I don't know why my computer will not save this image correctly. I keep getting an error message. But it did hang vertically, not horizontally, from one of the bedroom doors.  (!)

I finally got the stuffed candy canes made this year. Five of them were sent to Mightymom, who generously sent yardage of red and white fabric last year. I have 4 more that need to be finished off, but these were so much fun and have so much potential (ribbons, bells, springs of holly, etc.), that I plan to make more this year.

  This is a punched copper tree topper (rhymes!) I bought off Etsy this year. I tried to buy only American-made gifts and decorations this year, and some of my gifts were handmade and/or bought off Etsy.

I love to hang lights inside my windows, under the curtains, in all the rooms. When  the room lights are off, you get a lovely, colorful glow.

Above my sink is a soffitt, that runs the length of the wall. I have all my antique kerosene lamps up there (filled with lamp oil), and all but one are in working condition. This year, I ran a string of red lights behind them. It wasn't until I turned the light on that I realized how dusty and grimy they'd gotten, so after numerous trips up and down the stepladder, all the lamps were clean and sparkling in front of a red glow.

Along the front walk, where the tipsy pots once stood, I placed 2 upside-down tomato cages and wrapped them with artificial pine garland. I cut up a couple of  dollar-store poinsettias and stuck tthe individual blooms in the garlands, then wrapped them all in lights. They were festive by day and by night.

I was fortunate to have 4 days off at Christmas. Neither Jack nor I could remember the last time I was off Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. Such is nursing. DD unfortunately couldn't come until Sat. afternoon and had to go back Mon. morning, so we enjoyed every minute we spent together.

I hope you all made some lovely memories, too.

Fell off the Edge of the Earth...

....and yes, there be dragons there. 

I survived, but the battery charger for the camera is now missing and I can't post any pictures! I'm sure it'll turn up sometime, but this means a short post, because how boring is it without pictures?

New addictions--Pinterest.  Angry Birds. E-News Reader Today (lists free Kindle books every day on Facebook.) I now have over 450 free books and short stories on my Kindle. If I should ever get snowed in or stuck on a desert island, I'm set.

Sad but true.

Oh, yeah. I'm not a fanatic, but when I asked for DVDs for the portable player in my sewing room, (so I can "watch" videos while sewing) and didn't get the Twilight Saga, I ordered them myself. Um, yes, I did see Breaking Dawn part 1 in December, and have pre-ordered the video.

Actually, Eclipse is on right now.


Somewhere inside me still lives a sappy 15-year-old.

Does it help that I also liked the Hunger Games Trilogy?

I didn't think so.