Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where is Waldo, er, Stephanie?

Work has been horrific lately. Usually I have a bit of down time to check out your blogs and comment on a few.  Not lately.  Plus, there have been mandatory inservices and computer-based learning modules that we have to do at home.  So at present, there are over 600 posts unread in my Reader--and I eliminated 200 of them from Pumpkinrot's blog a couple of weeks ago when I took a few minutes to quickly scroll through the photos he posts.

I felt like I shouldn't post on my own blog, because how could I ask you to read anything of mine when I am so far behind in reading yours?  But then, I decided that was your decision to make. So here I am.

And here I am:

I'm also here:

And here are some people I don't know, but who looked to be having a lot of fun with their dogs:

See how bundled up they are? It's cold out there!
Anyone want to take a guess about where we are? Besides "The Beach", that is.

I am so happy to take this much-needed vacation.  I'll tell you more later, and will post more (and hopefully better) pictures then, but suffice it to say I'm doing a little shivering in the chilly ocean breezes, and loving it.  Jack is indulging me today, as I said I needed time to just relax and breathe in some ocean air, read a book, walk along the beach.  And yes, I've already checked to see what quilt shops are in the area! lol

We had breakfast in the little continental breakfast room, but it was the most varied continental breakfast I've ever seen--scrambled eggs, sausage, and waffles in addition to the usual fruit, yogurt, cereal and breakfast breads usually offered.  Lunch consisted of sandwiches and chips in the room, but dinner will be fresh seafood.

In the meantime, he's enduring a little boredom today just to make me happy.  Isn't he a sweetheart?.

The next couple of days will be spent doing some sight-seeing, and then daughter will come down to join us Fri. night or Sat morning.  We haven't seen her since Christmas, so I'm anxious to wrap my arms around her again. I don't know if we'll just hang out all day, or if we'll do a little more sight-seeing, before another dinner of scrumptious seafood, but just having her around will be good enough for her dad and me.

Mmmm, the sound of those waves is making me sleepy.  Wish you could hear them.

Think I'll take a nap.


julieQ said...

Of course you should post, all of our lives are crazy busy and just pop in when you can, that is what I do too. Enjoy that vacation, dear have earned it!

Cathi said...

I am so glad you posted!! I love the sound of waves -- can almost hear them looking at that picture. Love it!
That looks like a fabulous place to be having a vacation, wherever it is!

MightyMom said...

wooo hooooo! well, I'm going to guess that you headed northeast.

so glad you got a vacation!
enjoy it!

Julie Stiles Mills said...

Missed you! An ocean vacation is by far my FAVORITE! So peaceful and restful. (good thing I live in Florida and it's usually a cheap and easy vacation).

Keep bloggin! I read you whether you read me or not!

HarryJack's Mom said...

Also so glad you got away. I've missed seeing your beautiful crafts, trying to answer your quizzes and hearing about your sweet family, but completely understand the need for a break. It looks like you're having a good one - woohoO! Did you head south?

Pokey said...

Enjoy yourselves! I'll just live thruogh your photos-!

SueR said...

Life IS busy, and sometimes blogging is hard to fit in! Sure wish I was where you are. My guess, how about Virginia Beach? Have a great time wherever you are!

AnnieO said...

I agree, I miss your posts and don't care if you don't read mine before you post again. Go ahead and recharge--it has been a very long winter.

So, where ARE you exactly?

Karen said...

Ah, the ocean. What a nice vacation! I don't think you should feel bad about posting when you don't have time to read. Actually, I can relate a lot; I have not taken the time to enjoy the blogs I used to, but like you said, it's the readers' choice!

Libby said...

Hope your nap was great . . . . and that you've had time for several more of them *s*