Friday, October 31, 2008

Movie Trivia Answers 10/30

Here are the questions again, followed by my answers in italics.
MightyMom said...
who said in what movie "I'm your number 1 fan" ????
Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) said it to Paul ______ (James Caan) in the movie "Misery".

what movie that was based on a famous author's book was remade into a miniseries. The miniseries left out the most famous line from the movie, which was said by Jack Nicholson.
The Movie was "The Shining", as was the miniseries. And actually, as scary as Jack Nicholson's portrayal was, the miniseries more closely followed the actual book--especially the ending. And I'm not sure if the line you were referring to was "Wendy, I'm Home" or "Heeerree's Johnny!"

Name a movie starring Jimmy Smits which was about a town in Maine where all the people were made smarter by an alien spaceship that had landed close by.
"The Tommyknockers."

what movie had this line "It floats....we all float down here." said by a clown
"IT". And I think that was a made-for-TV movie.

Bonus Question.

What's the 1 thing that is common to all 4 movies??
They are all based on books by Stephen King.
(The reason I said the joke was on MM, is because I am a MAJOR Stephen King fan. I have all his publicly released books, except the "Dark Tower" series (I hated that series) and the two he co-wrote with Peter Straub. Those were losers, too, as far as I'm concerned.)

Jacquie has left a new comment on your post "Saturday at the Movies: Since the wizard of oz is the scariest movie i watch (i still cover my eyes when dorothy is looking at the crystal ball and the witch appears), here the question: who was originally slated to play the tin man and why did he have to leave the movie?
Later, she added:
so here's a hint...he played on a tv show that you might see on nick at nite.

I didn't know this one. It had to be someone older to have been young enough to make this movie in 1939, and yet to have had a TV series from the 50s or 60s. I ruled out Andy Griffith, and Fred Gwynne (I think he was too tall and clumsy) and I was thinking it was Al Lewis, who played Grandpa on The Munsters or William Frawley, who played Fred Mertz on "I Love Lucy", especially as he used to sing and dance on TV.
But, I do remember hearing something about this a long time ago, and I think it was because whoever it was, was allergic to the paint used to make him metallic-looking.

Pinky asked:
OK, in The Blair Witch Project, what was the object that was found wrapped up in a piece of fabric??
tee hee.

(Presumably) Joshua's tongue and some teeth. (I HATED that movie. I fully believed it was a real item, and was infuriated when it came out that it was all a hoax. I've never watched again until tonight, when I had to watch it to answer this question. Thank you SO much, Pinky!)

#2 Who was the killer in What Lies Beneath?
Harrison Ford, who played Michelle Pfeiffer's husband.

#3 In the movie, Stir of Echoes, starring Kevin Bacon, what color was the coat that the victim was wearing?
This one I'm not sure about, either. It was a retarded girl, and so I'm going to guess the coat was either pink or white.

Okay, how'd I do?

Saturday (okay, Friday) at the Movies

Okay, here are the Thrillers and Chillers movie trivia questions submitted:

MightyMom said...
who said in what movie "I'm your number 1 fan" ????

what movie that was based on a famous author's book was remade into a miniseries. The miniseries left out the most famous line from the movie, which was said by Jack Nicholson

Name a movie starring Jimmy Smits which was about a town in Maine where all the people were made smarter by an alien spaceship that had landed close by.

what movie had this line "It floats....we all float down here." said by a clown

Bonus Question.

What's the 1 thing that is common to all 4 movies??

Jacquie has left a new comment on your post "Saturday at the Movies: Since the wizard of oz is the scariest movie i watch (i still cover my eyes when dorothy is looking at the crystal ball and the witch appears), here the question: who was originally slated to play the tin man and why did he have to leave the movie?

Later, she added:
so here's a hint...he played on a tv show that you might see on nick at nite.

Pinky asked:
OK, in The Blair Witch Project, what was the object that was found wrapped up in a piece of fabric??

#2 Who was the killer in What Lies Beneath?

#3 In the movie, Stir of Echoes, starring Kevin Bacon, what color was the coat that the victim was wearing?

tee hee.

I have until midnight tonight to answer these!

(Oh, and there are likely to be more posts and pictures today, so don't forget to scroll down to check)


I've been Boo'd! by Pat at Bell Creek Quilts

I'm supposed to BOO about 5 more people, but please forgive me for not choosing and for not taking the time away from the Mad Scientist's Laboratory to list and link everyone. Just consider yourself BOO'd if you're reading this, and put the picture on your site!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Later Halloween Eve

More pictures:
My front door. If it's not legible, the sign reads: Autopsy Room

Did you wonder what happened to all the doll heads?

This is on the sidelight right next to the doorbell:

Tomorrow, I will activate the motion sensor. Those two discolored teeth will blink red when something moves in front of it. If someone pushes the teeth, a little Beetlejuice-looking creature pops down from his upper jaw and says any of several thing: BOO!, Hey, Whatcha doing there?, etc. Corny, but cute.

Yes, I have green light bulbs in my front porch lights and on either side of my garage door. Here are the torture tools:

You can't see the dungeon wallpaper very well, but I'll get pictures of that tomorrow.

There will also be 3-4 lines of orange lights strung along one side of the driveway and up to the front steps. This will serve 2 purposes: safety and direction.

More tomorrow!

Halloween Eve

A quick preview of some of the decorations, and then I need to get back to preparations.
Here's the new batch of appleheads:

Some close-ups:

I tried to make this one look definitely female, but not sure I succeeded:

Remember the ugly pumpkins? Well, they had outsides as hard as gourds to cut through. I thought I would never get holes in this one:

A couple of ghosts with white pumpkins alongside:

It was the last of daylight and by the time I got these done, it was too dark for the rest of the photos to show up without flash, and the flash was too harsh. One of the gals from work is supposed to come over about 3pm and help me finish up, so keep your fingers crossed that it's all done in time to get the rest of the pictures.

Back to carving pumpkins; 7 down and 7 to go!

Don't forget the midnight deadline for Thrillers and Chillers trivia questions to stump me!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Movie Trivia Answer 10/25

Wow! That one was answered in the first two hours! I'd thought, with all the "newer" horror movies that apparently require some sort of sex to make it viewer-worthy, that it would be more of a stumper. Not true.

Yes, it was the Lynda, the blond (P.J. Soles) from Halloween released in 1978.

According to an interview with her last weekend on AMC, who was running some of the Halloween movies, that part was pretty much ad-libbed. They were trying to figure out how to open the scene where "Bob" (who of course, was the slasher, Michael Meyers) appears in the doorway. PJ said "I know" and grabbed a nail file, and soon uttered her most famous line.

In another aside, she was married to Dennis Quaid at the time, and he was asked to play the part of Bob, but was committed to another movie and couldn't do it. The guy who did, John Michael Graham, doesn't have another movie to his credit, according to IMDB. Guess Michael Meyers nipped his career in the bud.

REMINDER: You have just over 48 hours to pose a trivia question for me based on some horror movie you've seen. And since several of you don't watch the scary ones, I will open it up to your family members who do, to suggest a question.

In case you can't think of one, Mighty Mom has posed several extras! (Heheheheh. Joke's on her.)

Post by midnight Thursday night (this gives you two more nights to find a scary movie to watch) and I will have to post my answers by midnight Friday night. Saturday you can all come point fingers and laugh that I don't know so very much after all.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gourds, Jars, and Home Again

Yesterday, after leaving Tandi at the veterinary hospital, I tried to keep busy so I wouldn't miss her so much. I got my driver's license, filled up with gas ($2.60/gallon--down over $2.00 from a month ago!!!), hit the 50% sale at Michael's for more Halloween supplies, picked up 8 more pumpkins (and got soaking wet from the rain), and stopped at a cute little market across from the DMV.

I've wanted to see inside there for a while, so just decided to take the time. This was one of the outside displays:

Doesn't seem like much, does it?
Here's a different perspective:

That thing was HUGE!

Inside I bought some smaller pumpkins, and some Candy Crisp apples, and then look what I saw:

That teddy bear is a gourd! The lady there paints and carves gourds that her husband grows. They were wonderful. I put my purchases in the car, but then went back in and asked permission to take pictures of her work and post them on my blog. She was very gracious and placed her newest ones so I could get better photos of them.
Here are some of the many displayed in the little shop:

Isn't this a cute idea?

Don't you love this giraffe?

She was assisting another customer, so I couldn't ask her if that was 2 gourds together, but it would just about have to have been, or maybe three, I think.
She had several Christmas gourds:

Here is one I would LOVE to own:

And this one next to it is the one she was working on when I came in:

She doesn't blog (hasn't learned how to) but recently started a website, with some help from her family. She expected to sell one or two now and then to online customers, but someone ordered 20 from her, and she's working hard to get the orders filled. The Hummingbird one was $188.00, so it must be someone untouched by the sinking economy who has ordered so many!
She gave me her website address: She said to make sure you spell it "gourdgeous", because spelling it correctly will take you to a porn site!

Back home, after supper, I carved the toothy pumpkin:

Once I cut just past the rind, I found the natural green striations that determined just where the teeth would be. Then I angled the sides of the "teeth" to match those delineations, and scored the surface with the edge of a steak knife.

Tomorrow I'll put him, cardboard and all, into a large black trashbag and set him out in the sun, hopefully to warm enough to get moldy quickly. It stopped raining this morning, and is supposed to stay sunny through Halloween.

Then I labeled and filled some of the jars for the Laboratory:

I'm at a loss right now for how to label the two tall ones. You can see the poison label on the blue one, but I wanted to add something else, and to the green one, too. Any suggestions?

Today was spent mostly outside, putting up the dungeon wallpaper, setting up the ghost and two stunt tombstones, adding more to the lasagna flowerbed, and starting the spiderwebs. But I didn't get photos, because I had to run another errand.
Look who's home and all tuckered out:

The flash didn't even wake her.

As Tandi and I left the lobby of the animal hospital, whom did we run into but our own vet, looking a bit embarrassed. The assistant ran out to catch me before we drove off, since I'd forgotten Tandi's medicine, and I got a bit of the story from her. Seems Dr. M's dog ate lots of carpet yesterday and had to make a visit of his own. I didn't want to pry, but I have to wonder, since Dr. M brought his dog there, if the dog needed surgery. Guess even vets have pet troubles!

Saturday at the Movies

Have you figured out yet that my favorite movie genre is scary movies? No? Then this must be your first visit!

And if it is, here's a brief background for you. Due to husband's mobility problems stemming from a stroke at a young age, most of our entertainment is from movies. (With the computer coming in at a close second.) We used to go out to the movies a lot more often, but as we have a satellite dish now, we can watch a whole lot of stuff in the comfort of home: instant replay, temperature control, snacks of choice, comfy seats, and no whisperers/gigglers.

So every Saturday, I post some sort of question on my blog. Someone recently asked me how I choose what to ask. I always choose something from a movie I've seen. I don't go hunting up movie titles and trivia questions just for the heck of it. Many times, when I've seen a movie I really liked or an actor or actress who caught my eye, I go researching it, looking up the story behind the plot, especially if it's based on a true story, or finding out what else the person has been in. I'm also a devoted credit-watcher--always the last one to leave a theater, even if we go with friends.

Usually, when I ask a question, it's about something I've watched or rewatched pretty recently. An exception was the Paul Newman question after he died. I hadn't seen one of his movies in a while, but one of my favorites was Butch Cassidy, so I went looking for quotes from the movie, and there were so many memorable ones to choose from.

SO, this leads me to a new rule. If I don't choose questions from movies I haven't seen, I think it's unfair to the rest of you if someone goes researching the answer on the internet. Anyone can do that, so where's the sport in it? Guesses are great. Watching the movie you think is the answer, or contains the answer, is more fun, and you might be able to come up with a better question, one that stumps me. Obviously there's no way to know if you look it up, but in the interest of good sportsmanship, we're all on the Honor System.

AND, (sneak preview here) since Chillers and Thrillers month officially ends on Friday, I'm going to have Saturday at the Movies on Friday next week: Halloween Day. But, since I will be crazy-busy this next week getting ready for all my little spooksters, I am opening it up to all of you to stump ME.

Pose a question, from some scary movie that you've seen, by midnight Thurs. night, EDT, and I will post them on Friday morning. (Since I will be too busy to watch movies that day, it's a pretty good bet that if I haven't already seen the movie, I won't be able to guess it.) And yes, Libby, DH can play for you, since you don't watch scary movies.

I will post my answers by midnight Fri. night, EDT. Then Saturday, you can all come back and laugh at me for falling flat on my face here, and tell us all the correct answers.

Deal? Deal.

Okey-dokey, now to this week's question. This is a quote from one of my top 10 (as if I could narrow it down to 10) favorite scary movies:
(Edited to add):
As she bares her breasts,
"See anything you like?"

Answer on Tuesday!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sick Puppy

The census has been low at the hospital for the last couple of weeks, but I've been pretty fortunate in getting to work--until last night, when I was put on call. And even that was fortunate because... Tandi is sick again.

She started panting really heavily about 9:30 last night and couldn't get comfortable, not even in my lap, where she usually loves to be. Her poor little eyes showed how miserable she was. About 10:15 she started with loose stools again, and this morning she was bleeding again, and no appetite, though she didn't look as miserable as she did last night. I called my vet right away this morning, but he's in a continuing education class today and tomorrow, and won't be available until Monday. They offered an appointment for then, but I told them this couldn't wait all weekend, so his staff recommended I take her to the new animal hospital that was just completed about a month ago. It's actually closer to me than my vet's office.

Tandi, being a rescue dog, doesn't adapt to new situations well or easily, but I have to say, the people at the animal hospital were just wonderful with her. The assistants just cooed over her, and listened to me when I told them to hook the leash to her harness, not her collar, because she freaks out with anything pulling on her neck.

Before examining her, the vet took a few moments for her to sniff him, then leaned over and just drew her in with a big hug. He told me this was the "Hello, my name is Fred" introduction and he felt it was important to do this before doing less pleasant tasks.

Although I haven't changed her diet or her routine in any way, she has hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, which he says could have been brought on by something outside she might have sniffed or licked. Being as she loves to crack the acorns, I'm thinking she might have gotten something from a squirrel, though there are lots of critters around here: possums, racooons, chipmunks, rabbits, and my neighbor even found bear poop in her yard last week.

So I had to leave her there for IV fluids and IV antibiotics and they will give her something to control the loose stools. The vet assistant let me come back with Tandi to the back, and instead of putting her in a smaller crate, will be housing her in a larger pen, so she will have room to poop away from her bedding. I know that will help them as well, since they won't have to clean her, but it was nice all the same.

Now if I could just erase from my memory that sad little face watching her "mommy" leave...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just had to pop in and let you know about a great post over at Gill's site: That British Woman
She's going into great detail about how to save money on your food bill, and she's got it down to a science. If you're like me and don't really know all that's in your freezer or pantry, this post might be just what you need to read.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still here

Monday afternoon and evening, after working the 3-night stretch, was a little bit unproductive. Mostly I slept and tried to catch up on blogs and email, and made a list of the things I need to do for Halloween. I will have a brainstorm now and then, but if I don't write it down, it leaves me until it's too late to accomplish anything. Oh, and I dismembered all the long-legged female caricatures. (Dolls.) Arms and legs are now in jars. Heads are set aside for something special.

Yesterday morning J-Man and I went out to breakfast at a local diner that has a wonderful Greek omelet. My list of things to do was superlong, but I think he was feeling a little neglected, and there'll be no more breakfasts out til after Spook Day, so I tried not to eat too fast.

The rest of yesterday was mostly spent in working in the yard and on Halloween stuff. All my carved apples--all 18 of them--went dark and moldy on me. I tried using a Fruit Fresh solution to dunk them in--and it didn't work. When I saw they were turning, I tried a bleach wash, but it was too late. So all of them went into the trash. I bought some more yesterday afternoon, but didn't get to carve them. So Fri or Sat will be spent carving a whole new batch, then putting them in the oven on low for a while to speed up the dehydration process. (sigh) I should have stuck with the recipe.

Scarecrow has been dressed in the t-shirt and scrubs and the old man mask, and is standing in the yard. The pockets on the lab coat have been torn, and it was soaked in a tea/coffee mixture and draped over the deck rail to dry. Dirt and vinegar and fake blood to be added later.

Part of the lasagna garden by the front door has been started, so it will make a good place to put some bones. Torture tools were mounted on the walls of the porch, pumpkins were scrubbed, and as a side note, the pansies were planted in containers. They needed it, and besides, I have a drainage ditch that runs under my driveway that I don't want any Trick-or-Treaters to tumble into, so the containers were strategically placed to keep people away from that part of the yard.

Got my haircut, hallelujah! It'd been 10 weeks since the last one and it was driving me nuts, so I went a little nuts and had her cut a whole new, short style. She was reluctant to hack so much off, and left the sides a little too long, but I love it, so am going to call and have her trim off a bit more. For Halloween I'll be spiking it and going purple.

Sorry not to have taken any pictures of all the preparations yet, but hopefully will get some up soon.

Back to work tonight and tomorrow night, then off Fri. and Sat, but it's supposed to rain all weekend, so only indoor prep stuff will get done. I'm starting to feel the time crunch!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beware of the Blob! It creeps, and leaps, and glides and slides across the floor.

Not an incorrect guess in the bunch!

Here's a picture of the girlfriend, Aneta Corsaut:

Nice going, everyone!

Okay, new question, and new "rules", on Saturday!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday at the Movies

Okey-dokey all you smarty-pants! lol Here's a tough (I hope)one for you.

The woman co-star in this 1958 scary movie went on to play Helen Crump, Andy Taylor's love interest in The Andy Griffith Show.

What was the name of the movie?

Answer on Tuesday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

More tidbits

The last two days have been spent running errands and trying to acquire the last of the props for Halloween. I still have a couple more challenges to meet, but for the most part, I am satisfied.

These are my dollar store finds:

The snakes are some kind of foam that I can soak in water for 96 hours and they'll be HUGE! Woohoo! The cellophane package holds 25 flies. I haven't decided if I'll put them all in a jar, with some adhered to the sides, or if I will put some in strategic places--like on that tongue I bought.

And my dungeon wall and rat came in from Fright Catalog:

Thrift store visits yielded these:

I also bought some ugly pumpkins and one smooth one, that unfortunately, I won't get carved until Monday, because I'm working the next three nights. I'm going to have to get it into a warm, dark spot, but the only place I know for sure is the crawl space, and I don't want to go in there. It needs to be carved first, because it will be mostly teeth--a huge mouthful--which need to get all green and moldy by Halloween. Are you disgusted? Good! Just the reaction I'm hoping for.

Aren't they gosh-awful ugly? I'll be buying more next weekend, but I wanted to grab these before they were gone. The small ones might need to go into the refrigerator for a week or so.

While on vacation I finally went to get my driver's license--you know, the one for this state, the state I've lived in for 5 years next week. (Have I ever mentioned I have a slight procrastination problem?) North Carolina will not accept a middle initial--you must have something that documents your whole name, and something that documents your address. Well, I went prepared with my SS card, a certified copy of my birth certificate (which was mailed to this address) and of course, proof of insurance.

When they saw my out-of-state license, they said I'd need to take the written test. Fine, I've been studying. When they saw the out-of-state license has been expired for 14 months, they said I'd have to take the road test, too. Gulp. I haven't taken a road test since I was 16 years old! Fortunately, I passed, but their camera was broken, so they told me I'd have to come back and get the license another day. They said all the information would be in the computer and I wouldn't have to re-take anything, just come in and get the photo done.

Of course, I got busy and forgot. So yesterday I got gussied up, hid the current zit with make-up (what, do you want to see a zit on your driver's license for the next 8 years?) and drove 20 minutes to get to the DMV, where I was told I needed all the identifiers again. It would have been nice if they'd mentioned that in passing the first time! I left in disgust and will make it over there whenever. But you can bet I'm gonna call first.

Just to make sure.

So that yesterday wasn't a TOTAL loss, I came back by the quilt shop and picked up these:

I've depleted some of my oranges and greens, and needed some more for a project I'm thinking about, and those stripes just called to me from the shelf.

And that other picture? Well, I have an idea for a candy corn wallhanging, but it might not get done before Halloween, with all the other things needing to be done, so I won't say any more.

Hope you all have a good weekend! Don't forget Saturday at the Movies--Thrillers and Chillers edition tomorrow!