Thursday, June 17, 2010

Halloween Theme

Yes, you read that right.  I have Halloween on the brain.

When the humidty is higher than the temperature, and I no longer care about planting stuff in the ground and shift into maintenance mode, and I start to dream of cooler days--the logical progression is Oct. 31.  Hey, some of my blogger friends work year-round on their props.  Me, I'm not that dedicated, nor have I reached their level of expertise.  I can only dream of what they do.

But I've been eyeing that bin of Halloween fabrics in my sewing room and remembering that I have never made myself a purple, black and orange wall-hanging or throw.  And when I make the rounds of yard sales, I'm looking for props.  On Craigslist last week, I found a gal who is moving to South America, where they don't celebrate Halloween (poor things), and is selling all of her indoor and outdoor decor--including a small casket.  We're supposed to meet up tomorrow and swap my green for her orange and black. I can't wait to see all of what she has--craigslist only allows you to post 4 pictures.

So this year's theme is Gypsy Curse. One of the items on my hope-to-find, borrow, or steal is a wall-less tent.  You kow the kind--only a roof.  I'm thinking draped black sheets for the walls, and maybe some deep blood red ones over that.  We already have a crystal ball, and I collect oil lamps.  Some Tarot cards, potion ingredients, scarves, baubles, maybe  an old book of spells, a Ouija board, and a ghostly path to the tent.

This should keep Tandi from barking her head off everytime the doorbell rings, too. Drives me nuts.

Now to rig up a portable TV for downtimes so I can watch my scary movies....

PS.  Jack has been warned--no illnesses in October EVER AGAIN!


Lori said...

every time I see Halloween fabric I think of you!

AnnieO said...

I've been thinking about the two unfinished witch quilts I have in my pile...If I pull them out now, do you think I'll have them done before October?

Last year you had a lot of rain, too, didn't you.

MightyMom said...

here's to a spooky and healthy October for you!

by the by. with those lines that drift across the screen, it's very hard to read your post.

The Frog Queen said...

Here is to a great October!