Friday, July 09, 2010

June Revisited

Being on call is not conducive to sleeping well.  After making sure everything is moved to the guest bedroom and hall bath, so I can change into scrubs, etc. without waking Jack, I spend time watching the clock and waiting for the phone to ring. Not wanting to get into a project and have to leave it at a spot not of my choosing, I waste time watching HGTV (no movies for the same reason) and playing on the computer. When I finally go to bed, with the phone at my side, I sleep lightly, afraid I'll miss the call that I am needed. If I do sleep, it's only to wake up and reach for the phone to make sure it hasn't rung. Last night was such a night.  I went to bed at midnight, and was awake for good by 4am.

On the up side, I spent a good deal of time in the yard before it got hot.  Here are the tipsy pots pictures for July (compare with planting day):

Last evening, as I was carrying jugs of water out to water the potted plants around the yard, the couple on the other side of the vacant lots next to me, slowed down to introduce themselves and talk a moment.  She asked where I bought my tipsy pot set-up, and I told her about the tutorial and how to find it.  According to her, someone at the Garden Jubilee was selling kits to make these for $20.00. I guess that's an okay price--when you add the rebar with the price of the pots, unless you already have all the pots you need. Then you still have to add the plants and soil. At any rate, that makes 3 neighbors so far who've asked how to make these.  Our neighborhood is getting tipsy. 

I managed to plant 7 more half-grown sunflowers  this morning, too.  Something is eating the leaves on a couple of the established plants and I haven't been able to catch whatever it is, even though I'm checking early in the morning, during the day, and just before it gets dark. 

Guess I'll have to get out there with a flashlight late some night and hope nobody reports a possible intruder to the police.
Buds are forming--I should have big, happy sunflowers soon!

The tomatoes are thriving in their new spot.  Most folks are beginning to harvest theirs, so we're running behind, but at least they aren't dead!

In other "where are they now?" news, apparently mama bird got freaked out when I disturbed the nest in our garage and never came back.  Since it takes 12-14 days for Carolina wren eggs to hatch, I waited an additional 2 weeks before cautiously checking the wreath box, but there was only an empty nest.  When I dumped it out on the ground, a single, dried-up little egg fell out.  It was really sad. My research revealed the male wren builds several nests, and then the female chooses which one she wants.  Bet he caught hell for this one.

I didn't finish the patriotic UFO wall hanging/table topper in time for the Fourth, but I did take the suggestion to just bind it in red fabric.  This is my long weekend (made even longer due to the extra night off!), so am hoping to get some serious sewing time.  I also need to make more doggy treats (Tandi is bewildered that the pantry no longer yields her favorite peanut butter cookies), use up some of my large basil harvest making pesto, and finish sorting and storing the casket contents

(teaser picture)

First, I think it's time for a nap. It's not even 12:30 and I've been up 8 hours already!


Judy said...

Your tipsy towers look fabulous! I smile everytime I see mine. Again, thanks for sharing so I could make my own. ;)

The battle of the slugs is happening here too! Darn nasty things.

Cathi said...

I"m not surprised people are stoping to ask about making your tipsy towers -- I think it's fabulous!
Those on-call nights sound horrible! Hope you don't have too many of those in a row.

Karen said...

Your tipsy pots look great. Your on call nights sound horrible :( Looking forward (but not in a hurry) to seeing your Halloween display this year!

Vicki Lane said...

Love the tipsy tower!

MightyMom said...

that was waay to productive for a night on call!!! usually I sleep and hope the phone doesn't ring! But we're either called in or canceled by 10pm so it isn't an all night wait either.

here's to hoping for a better job for us both!