Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Fun

Within 24 hours, all this appeared on my front steps, courtesy of UPS and the US Post Office:

First, from MightyMom, wrapped in fabric scraps (that I am about to look at more closely):
a papier mache  skull.

You can never have too many skulls.

And this little casket, which, when opened, emits a Fun House type laugh which goes on as long as the box is open. I have plans for this small casket.

Next, from Victorian Trading Company, this set of electric candles, perfect across a shelf or windowsill.
There are 5 groups of three.
And, of course, THE  pincushion.
Jeepers, it's tall!  But I love it!

Then, from Dark Candles:
Tea light votives in Clove, Graveyard, and Bonfire scents. I think they'll smell great in the jack-o-lanterns.

I like it a lot, even though it's not red as it was labeled.

I'd call it purple, wouldn't you?
Which is fine with me, as purple is my favorite color.

However, it isn't what I ordered.  This is what I ordered:
I want it for my Gyspy tent.

I've sent an email to the gal at Dark Candles to work out a solution, because, now that I have the purple one, I want to keep it. It's taller and I can envision it on another table or shelf in the tent.  This red one needs to be right beside me and the crystal ball, don't you think?

Yesterday was like Christmas here!

This morning I got up and showered and went out to the tailgate market for some fresh eggs and vegetables. I know I've mentioned it before, but I really enjoy going out there and seeing all the stands and jars of fresh-cut flowers and lovely colors.  Today there was a banjo picker out there entertaining folks, and a big yellow lab on a leash, walking along with his owner and cleaning up all the stray green beans near the trucks.  He'd hit the motherlode and he was happy!

I drove to another fruit and vegetable stand, where an older gentleman is usually parked with a couple of helpers.  I've cared for him and his grandson both in my hospital, and he was an inpatient only a couple of weeks ago.  Since I wasn't his nurse that time, I don't know what was wrong with him, but today his open air shed is locked and completely empty.  It appears he has closed up shop. I'm sorry to see that.

Back at home I unloaded the car and fixed myself a late breakfast, then got back in and went out to get my hair cut.  In the same small shopping center is one of our 2 local quilt shops.  I stopped in for some machine needles.

I came out with a bit more.

All the "fun fabrics" were 30% off today.  If I'd known before checkout, I might have bought more!

Lovely fall array.  I never can pass up fall-colored fabrics.

Nor could I pass up this panel fabric.  I had to fold it in half to get all of the panels in.
I really like that spooky tree.

One of the blogs I visited last year had some stuffed fabric candy canes, and I've been collecting some red and white fabrics to make my own.  Let's hope they get made for this Christmas.

Now it's raining steadily outside and I'm dying to get into the sewing room, but the kitchen is a disaster, and it's not long til I need to start supper.  Guess I'll toss all this in the washer and hope for a nice rainy day tomorrow.  Somehow I am more inspired when it's cloudy and dreary. Maybe it's the contrast of bright fabric with overcast skies.

Does the weather have any effect on your productivity or creativity?

Sunday, August 08, 2010

In the Good Ol' Summertime

Okay, I'm back.  Work has been really busy--too busy to read blogs most nights, so I'm just as far  behind as I was 2 weeks ago.  Please know that I'm getting around to all of you as quickly as I can and trying to leave at least ONE comment so you'll know I do enjoy your blogs!

Summer moved in with a vengeance--heat, humidity, the works.  Occasionally, if it's early enough in the morning, minimal weeding gets done, but otherwise, just watering. Most of the garden has been pretty hardy, thank goodness.

The dianthus are spreading nicely.

I apologize for the blurriness of some of the photos.  We had a brief sprinkle, maybe 10 minutes' worth, enough to probably double the humidity, and the sun came out again.  Between the camera fogging up, and my eyes watering from the bright sunshine, most of these aren't as sharp as I'd wish.

The celosia are finally catching on.  I don't think I'll grow them next year, though.  They are too finicky and take too long to bloom.  The ones in the terra cotta planters around the mailbox are languishing, but it's not totally their fault:  Some of the unfettered neighborhood dogs are peeing on it.

I am really loving the zinnias, even though they're annuals.  Next year, I'll have more, and a bigger variety of colors.

The Double Knock-Out roses have bloomed and rebloomed and bloomed again.  If it weren't for the Japanese beetles, they'd be totally carefree.  The blooms don't last long, maybe a day, but there have been so many of them, it sort of makes up for that.

And oh, the sunflowers!

Isn't this an odd-colored one?

My favorite of the sunflowers and my favorite photo of them.

I've been harvesting the seeds for next year.

And speaking of harvest, this is the second tomato from our plants.  We already ate the first one.

Next year, there will be more jalapeno plants, too. I planted this one in a large pot, and it's going nuts here.  Salsa!  Yummm.

Friday night a couple of weeks ago I was nodding off at the computer and just about ready to pack it in for the night, when there came a knock at the screen door. It was late--just before 11pm.  Tandi, who had also been dozing, went ballistic. I saw a face at the door, but with the porch light off, I couldn't tell who it was. As I stood up to get a better look, the door opened.  My heart stopped.  If the door hadn't opened, I'd have figured it was one of my neighbors, but they wouldn't just open up and walk in.  Still a little foggy from half-dozing, I didn't even have the presence of mind to grab the phone or something I could use for defense.  Then a little animal rushed in and Tandi stopped barking.  All I could think was, "I know that dog..."  It was my daughter, who drove down to surprise me for my birthday. 

She wouldn't have scared me deliberately, but thought I could see her well enough to know who it was.  Jack knew she was coming, but kept it a surprise, and had already gone to bed.  She expected to get here earlier, but was delayed by a bad accident on the interstate.  There was such a back-up, people were actually parked and out walking around.  Bless her heart, she drove  7 1/2 hours (more with the wreck) to visit for just barely over 36 hours before having to go back home again on Sunday. We didn't have anything planned, so just hung out and watched a movie.  I loaded up at the tailgate market and we had yummy fresh veggies for supper. It was good just to see and hug her.

There has been a little sewing around here.  Since the project is a surprise, and this person sometimes reads my blog, I will only tease you a bit with a photo. After it's all finished and given away, I'll show you the whole thing.

Yep, Halloween preparations are commencing!

There was a link on one of  the Halloween blogs I follow, that led to the Victorian Trading Company Fall Sneak Peak page.  I was in hog heaven!  This little item combines two of my favorite interests:
No, not shoes--it's a pincushion! And it's marked down! I think I'm going to have to buy it. There are several things on their site I just don't think I can live without.  Can we say "overtime"?

So that's all I know. Not much else going on for now. Hope your summer's going well!