Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Fun

Within 24 hours, all this appeared on my front steps, courtesy of UPS and the US Post Office:

First, from MightyMom, wrapped in fabric scraps (that I am about to look at more closely):
a papier mache  skull.

You can never have too many skulls.

And this little casket, which, when opened, emits a Fun House type laugh which goes on as long as the box is open. I have plans for this small casket.

Next, from Victorian Trading Company, this set of electric candles, perfect across a shelf or windowsill.
There are 5 groups of three.
And, of course, THE  pincushion.
Jeepers, it's tall!  But I love it!

Then, from Dark Candles:
Tea light votives in Clove, Graveyard, and Bonfire scents. I think they'll smell great in the jack-o-lanterns.

I like it a lot, even though it's not red as it was labeled.

I'd call it purple, wouldn't you?
Which is fine with me, as purple is my favorite color.

However, it isn't what I ordered.  This is what I ordered:
I want it for my Gyspy tent.

I've sent an email to the gal at Dark Candles to work out a solution, because, now that I have the purple one, I want to keep it. It's taller and I can envision it on another table or shelf in the tent.  This red one needs to be right beside me and the crystal ball, don't you think?

Yesterday was like Christmas here!

This morning I got up and showered and went out to the tailgate market for some fresh eggs and vegetables. I know I've mentioned it before, but I really enjoy going out there and seeing all the stands and jars of fresh-cut flowers and lovely colors.  Today there was a banjo picker out there entertaining folks, and a big yellow lab on a leash, walking along with his owner and cleaning up all the stray green beans near the trucks.  He'd hit the motherlode and he was happy!

I drove to another fruit and vegetable stand, where an older gentleman is usually parked with a couple of helpers.  I've cared for him and his grandson both in my hospital, and he was an inpatient only a couple of weeks ago.  Since I wasn't his nurse that time, I don't know what was wrong with him, but today his open air shed is locked and completely empty.  It appears he has closed up shop. I'm sorry to see that.

Back at home I unloaded the car and fixed myself a late breakfast, then got back in and went out to get my hair cut.  In the same small shopping center is one of our 2 local quilt shops.  I stopped in for some machine needles.

I came out with a bit more.

All the "fun fabrics" were 30% off today.  If I'd known before checkout, I might have bought more!

Lovely fall array.  I never can pass up fall-colored fabrics.

Nor could I pass up this panel fabric.  I had to fold it in half to get all of the panels in.
I really like that spooky tree.

One of the blogs I visited last year had some stuffed fabric candy canes, and I've been collecting some red and white fabrics to make my own.  Let's hope they get made for this Christmas.

Now it's raining steadily outside and I'm dying to get into the sewing room, but the kitchen is a disaster, and it's not long til I need to start supper.  Guess I'll toss all this in the washer and hope for a nice rainy day tomorrow.  Somehow I am more inspired when it's cloudy and dreary. Maybe it's the contrast of bright fabric with overcast skies.

Does the weather have any effect on your productivity or creativity?


jacquie said...

you are getting ready early this year! lots of cool stuff!

AnnieO said...

That is Saturday Fun, for sure! Love all your Halloweeny fixtures and props. I hope the weather cooperates with you this year after last year's puddles and rain out was so disappointing. It's always a good day when fabric is involved, I say!

Weather has nothing to do with my sewing mood as it only rains here very occasionally--no rain since May and that was just a little sky spit.

MightyMom said...

WHAT??? stuffed candy canes???

woman. why didn't you TELL ME??? I've got about 3 ZILLION yards of the red and white striped fabric I used for these:

I could have used THAT for packing if I'd known! goodness knows what I'll ever do with all this!

glad you like the coffin. as soon as I saw it I just HAD to get it for you! Can't wait to see what your "plans" are for it!

Finn said...

Wow..what an awesome haul you made, even if you did have to do the purchasing! You Halloween fabrics get me all a quiver with thoughts of that delighful month of October *VBS*
Love all the goodies!!! Can't wait to see what all you are up to! Hugs, Finn

Rosa said...

haha, you do love your halloween! just catching up on some old friends!

Anonymous said...

You sure found a lot of great fabrics!! Love that pincushion!

Vicki Lane said...

Glad you got the pincushion! All those fabrics are reminding me how long it's been since I made a quilt...

Deanna said...

Here visiting from WWI. What fun plans you must have for Halloween! Enjoy all your loot.

julieQ said...

Yes, I think you are right, the weather does influence what I am working on...and I love Halloween...but it is still > 100 degrees here yet!! I love the fabric lines out this year.

greenbeanbaby said...

wow!! you must be done with summer :) a great way to start the fall season though! i love rain for productivity! i get MORE done on cloudy days... it makes me wanna grab a cup of coffee and sit in my studio and work... that is why i love fall... no sun to tease me that i should be outside haha!!

SueR said...

Wow, starting already, huh? Too bad you can't do a YouTube video when the trick or treaters come. How fun would that be?

If it's rainy or hot, I want to be downstairs in the sewing room!

Libby said...

You are getting some nice goodies for your Halloween decs this year. It will be time to put them up before you know it *s*