Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stephanie to Blog World: Come in, Please.

Well, I'm jumping back into the blogging game, even though I don't feel I have anything very interesting to write about.  I think it's just been the usual winter blahs. So I'll just do some "bullet point" posts here to catch you up to speed.

  • Still doing physical therapy on the arm, and it's much stronger, though not up to speed just yet.  I am getting tired of PT, though, so this is probably my last week. I can now sleep at night and do most things without discomfort. Yay!
  • Because I'm still on lifting restrictions, and my arm still fatigues quickly, there has still been no sewing or ironing, and that Christmas tree is still in my dining room, fully decorated.
  • Finished precepting one student nurse, a gal after my own heart, and now am co-precepting another to help him get all his hours in in time to graduate.  I've really enjoyed this.
  • Planning a cruise to Alaska!  We're booked in August and now I'm trying to get the info together to get our passports.  Jack has never had a birth certificate, so his will be a challenge.
  • Stuck at 35 pounds lost; juggling the same 3 lbs over and over again. 
  • Took a 2-hour class at a local beading store making a pendant out of microscope slides.  I still have some more accessorizing to do on it, but when I finish, I'll post a picture.  It was a lot of fun, and I'm thinking of playing with some funky jewelry making.  Nothing fancy, but they will make fun gifts.
  • Along the same line, I've been playing with my Kumi-loom and discovered the neatest yarn shop, where I bought some yarn to use for my funky necklaces.  The shop is run by a husband and wife team, and I think he's from the middle east, but they both knit and teach knitting--he teaches lefties and she teaches right-handers. The yarns are so lovely, it almost makes me want to start crocheting again!
  • I've decided to sort out and sell a lot of my rubber stamps and supplies, keeping only a few special ones. It's been years since I made Christmas cards or Thank-You cards, and I'm not into scrapbooking, so the stamp pads are probably all dried out. Heck, I can't even remember what some of those supplies are for. 
  • My oldest Compassion child, Dalia from El Salvador, turned 18 this month, and has graduated from the program.  We've been writing for 10 years now, and it makes me feel like an empty-nester all over again. I'm allowed to write her one final letter, and then that's that.  Fortunately, I still have Aduri in Bangladesh, and she's only 11 so there are many more years til we have to say goodbye. 
  • But I did miss my  Spanish-speaking gal enough to go online and find another little girl: Maria in Columbia.  She's 8 (I'm drawn to the 7- and 8-year-olds) and born on one of my favorite days of the year. Can you guess which day?
  • The weather is greatly improved!  After getting home from PT, Tandi and I took a walk at a nearby park, and look what we saw:

Daffodils, I think!

Maybe daylilies?

The first forsythia blossom. ( Sorry for the blurriness--it's my new Coolpix point and shoot and I haven't mastered it yet.)

Spring is coming!


Libby said...

Spring is on the way . . . *woo hoo* Still too much snow on the ground here to notice anything poking out, but I have been looking at the buds on tree branches when we go walking. It is a true sign of hope. Not that spring in NE is all that much to write home about - rain, rain, rain *s*
Such fun to hear about your dabbles in other crafts, can't wait to see the finished products. Seen any good movies lately? Me - I'm looking forward to Oscar night!

AnnieO said...

Hi Stephanie! I'll respond from my corner of blogland! Everything you wrote about is interesting. I can't believe you don't think you have anything to say!

Jack has never had a birth certificate? Do tell! My mom had to pay $18 to get a certified copy of my sister's for her so she could get her drivers' license back after letting it expire.

No beading or scrapbooking or stamping happens here. I have enough supplies for quilting that have taken over! Hope you'll be able to get back to the latter soon.

Alaska cruise! Jealous.

MightyMom said...

woo hoo!!

green stuff number 2 looks like cannas to me. my daylillies are of the long thin leaf variety.

not done much bloggin myself lately. as you say, probably just winter blahs.

new shops are always fun!

Did you find a girl born on Halloween???!!!

Make sure your suitcase is about 5'5" long and wide enough for oh say, ME!!!

Didn't you do beading at some point in the past?? I thought you'd said something about having a bunch of beads lying around along with the stamps. I have friends that are all into making cards and have that stampin up business...but it ain't for me. my kids on the other hand think stamps are just the COOLEST thing!

julieQ said...

We are here!!! Hope you are doing great...spring is springing out everywhere here!!

audreypawdrey said...

It was great to hear what you are up to! I know the physical therapy has to be hard, but think of how strong you will be as a result. I can't wait to see your finished projects in your other crafting areas!

Karen said...

Bullet points! I want to bullet point my comments :D
I have a hard time blogging in the winter blahs.
I did not know you need a birth certificate / passport to go to Alaska?? I did track down my b.c. and my husband's, years ago doing genealogy, but wish I were doing something vacationy with them!
I think the second to last picture is tulips. I might be wrong.
Glad your arm is improving, and happy to see you posting :)

jewelry making said...

Stephanie you did a lot! You gave me a second thought if it is to believe or not. Never say that it s not interesting because you made me read 'til the end.