Saturday, June 04, 2011

Still Here

Well, it's been 3 1/2 days since we were told Garrett had only hours, at best 2 days, to live--and they underestimated. They underestimated  the strength of Garrett's will and the Power of Prayer. On the facebook page "Prayers for Garrett Jones", there are over 5000 people signed up to pray at a specific time every night, and those are only the folks on FB.  We have heard of prayer chains and church groups, and people who are not on the computer at all, but have heard of Garrett's plight and pray for him, his family, and the staff caring for him. It's miraculous in itself, and it's very humbling.

We aren't delusional; we know his condition is still critical, and his oxygen levels still dangerously low. Besides praying for him to survive, I also ask God that he not have brain damage, because to come through all this and then to spend the rest of his days in an adult diaper, being fed, would be too awful for words. So I pray for all that I want, because God knows what's in my heart, anyway. 

Those who post on Facebook tell of their experiences of healing; how a 4-yr-old son survived the pediatric version of ARDS (Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome); how an 80-year-old parent survived it; how a young woman survived it and wrote to tell us.  We've heard from a soldier in Kuwait and one in Afghanistan, and we pray for them in return. Survivors of the Joplin tornado  have sent their prayers. It's an amazing experience. I invite you to go and check it out, and if you feel so led, "like" the page and add your prayers to ours. Because of the sheer volume of responses and comments, I am still posting the updates on the blog for Garrett, to make it easier to sort through.  We've been told of Caring Bridge, but I can't see how that is any more informative or convenient than what we already have.

Neither Frank nor Janell have been back to work yet. So far, their jobs are still available for them, and I pray that continues.  We have set up an account for Garrett's use, for medical costs, and for supplies he will need when he comes home, and checks have been sent for Frank and Janell's use, as they pay at least $6.00/day in parking, and usually eat at the cafeteria or various fast food places around. Frank said he really misses home-cooked meals right now, and that his buns are being permanently re-shaped by the waiting room chairs. Day after day, they go up there and sit for hours, and sometimes they don't go home at night. Their faith is tested; my brother was in tears when he called me at 4:30 the other morning, but he ends almost every post with "Expecting a Miracle". 

My co-workers have been so understanding. Several have offered to work for me if I have to miss a shift, or if I feel like I need to leave. So far I've not had to take them up on it; I have my meltdowns at home. They've taken up money to send my brother, and some others, who signed their card only "from some folks who care", have also sent an envelope of cash for my family. The chaplains sent Garrett $50.00. I can't tell them all "thank you" enough, and it seems so inadequate.

I hope and pray that none of them, nor the 5000+ ever find themselves in a similar situation, but if they should, I hope they call on me for prayers and help. I have a huge debt to repay.

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