Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Two weeks ago, on a beautiful Saturday morning, I decided to go buy my pumpkins. Rumor was there was a pumpkin shortage this year and I wanted to get mine "early".  This was a popular idea. Half of Hendersonville must have been out driving as well as the annual leaf peepers. 

I checked out several places, but Grandad's Apple Farm had the most pumpkins, and therefore, the best prices.

In addition, they had a barbecue stand going, a corn maze (that I found out about later), a huge dinosaur statue that all the kids wanted to climb and all the parents wanted as a backdrop for pictures, and two little goats and a llama you could feed by trickling 25-cent handsful of grain down a long trough.

 I appreciated the invitation below, but just didn't feel like maneuvering through the crowds. I like to take my time and look for weird  shapes or pumpkins with smooth surfaces for carving.

So I left, and came back the following Fri. morning, when I picked out 4 large pumpkins and 8 mid-sized ones for only $40.00.

Guess what I'm doing tonight?


Lynda said...

What a fun place and so many pumpkins! Love your Halloween clock.

Libby said...

We are doing the same today . . . . and roasting the seed, too *s*

Stephanie said...

Steph, have fun carving, I am working and will have to miss the kids from the neighborhood again, have fun,Steph