Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Current Events

There's not much going on around here these days--including blogging!

Christmas has been put away, but the sewing room is still a disaster.

I've been going through boxes and bins and culling out craft items to give away. A blogging friend with 4 kiddos can use them, and I am happy to clear out all the unused supplies and the guilt that goes with them! One box is full and I'm looking for another box at work to bring home.

In my search, I've found UFOs I'd forgotten even existed. There are enough projects and fabric to last me a couple of years, at least, and that's if I get my butt in gear before spring gets here for good. It's been such a mild winter, I've been itching to get outside and start planting, but really, it's too soon.

Work has been busy the last few weeks. It's the season. In addition it seems there's always some inservice or staff meeting or mandatory meeting to attend. Funny, they don't want us to bring our personal lives to work, but they don't mind inserting their meetings into our personal lives! Agghh!

Also on the agenda for the next few weeks: Tandi. She tore the ligament in her right back leg and will have surgery next week. It's going to cost a pretty penny, but we can't just not fix it. She's only 7 1/2 years old, with probably another 7-8 years left, and if we don't fix this leg, she'll be at greater risk to injure the other back leg.

I'm looking for doggy steps to get her off and on the bed and sofa, as she inevitably jumps and could reinjure the leg. We're gradually reducing the radius on her fence collar, too, as the surgeon prefers she be on a leash to go outside to potty, but with my work schedule, and Jack's limitations, it just isn't possible every time.

We've pulled the crate into the living room and will start putting her in it now and then to get her used to spending time in there again. This situation will last for 6 weeks--which seems like a reeeallllyy long time to try to keep her calm and inactive. When she feels good, which doesn't occur much these days, she runs pell-mell down the front steps, plays fetch with her squeaky football, runs barking up and down the yard when the big brown truck or the postal worker appear, and dances for treats. Once the leg is fixed, she'll start feeling good long before she's allowed to show it. I'm seriously considering asking the vet for something to keep her sleepy the days I have to sleep, so maybe I could just bring her to bed with me and still get some shut-eye myself.

Bless her heart, it's hard to see her limping around. She never whimpers, never yelps, and was so resigned when the vets manipulated her leg and drew her labs.

I can't wait to have my sweet little companion steal my socks again.


Angie said...

Sweetie, are you SURE those aren't pictures of MY sewing 'stewdio'??? *sigh* I feel for you and Tandi---I've been through surgeries on my beloved heartbeats at my feet, and getting them healed---my heart goes out to all of you.

Pokey said...

I'd feel right at home in your sewing area, it always seems the worst when I'm feeling really creative. Hope your pup Tandi feels better soon, it is so hard to see our pets suffer, but if it is fixable, I'd be doing it, too!

AnnieO said...

That is a vision of creativity gone mad, indeed! Hope you get it sorted to workable very soon. It feels good to cull out that old unwanted stuff, right? Poor little dog! Sounds like it will be a trial for all of you but it sounds as if you've worked out a lot of the details.

Finn said...

Well my friend, looks like you've got pretty much everything in your studio, LOL, everything you need to make stuff that is! I'm sure it will get put right when you are ready. The part year has been a difficult, upsetting and one with much heartache. Hard to be creative when our heads and hearts are occupies with 'other' things.
So sorry to hear of Tandi's injury. Of course it must be fixed, she's so young and vital. I think I might have seen doggie steps at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Check their pet section...could be I'm mistaken, but I swear....hope I remembered. Hugs from WI, Finn

Libby said...

Keeping good thoughts for you and Tandi. Having gone through this once with Harper, I know that it can wear on us as much as the pups. In the end, it will be worth it . . . . just keep reminding yourself of that *s*

*karendianne. said...

Oh my. I'm really sorry to hear about Tandi's injury. Actually I had knee surgery on one of my dogs some years back and it was quite some effort but somehow we all managed. She's such a sweetheart. Keep us posted.

My respect to you for dealing with your sewing room. I sew in my kitchen and I'm just not going to discuss that!

Julie said...

So sorry about your Tandi--we are facing the same prospect with our English Mastiff. Leash for potty breaks, confined within house, etc. NO yard privileges. Injury equates to torn ACL in humans. Hoping upon hope that somehow the physical therapy we are doing with her will postpone surgery, but I doubt it. Meanwhile, my sewing area looks like yours. You have my sympathy!!