Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

 Remember when I had my stress echocardiogram in March of last year? All those resolves I had to lose weight, attain better lab results?

Well, somewhere along the way I've strayed.  Mightily.  Chalk it up to whatever, but they are only excuses, not good reasons. My doctor has only been prescribing a month's worth of anti-cholesterol tabs at a time, as this is his way of blackmailing me to come in, so I caved and went and had my labs drawn.

Yesterday was my appointment to go over the results with him.

They were awful.

I had a suspicion they would be; after all, I reached my highest weight ever about 3 weeks ago. I have been so uncomfortable, huffing and puffing at the least bit of exertion, almost unable to tie my shoes.  It was disgusting and disheartening.  The South Beach Diet worked for me before, but I kept putting it off, dreading doing without simple carbs for 2 weeks. Who really wants to give up ice cream, baked potatoes, bread, and those yummy Reese's cups?

But something clicked in my head.  Enough.  I scheduled the labwork, started the diet, and bit the bullet. It hasn't been easy.  The first two days I felt awful, headachey, irritable and overwhelmed. Jack is trying to be supportive, but he's a white bread, sweets after supper, meat and potatoes kind of guy. Some nights I end up cooking different dishes for each of us, and there have been a couple of off-days spent cooking to have things ready to take to work. I really don't like to cook.  I just like to eat.

But the good part is, I've lost 12 lbs already!  Although I haven't dropped a size yet, my clothes are not so constricting, and I haven't had to buy the next size up, thank goodness.  My center of gravity has changed, too, making me feel lighter and more energetic. Another few pounds and I will start an exercise program.  My knees have been taking the brunt of the weight, and the left one has really been bothering me, so I need to lose just a little more so it can tolerate long walks.

My doc and I have set a date in December to recheck my labwork.  Hopefully I will be able to come off the diabetic medication he started me on yesterday. I hated to start it, but it's time to swallow my pride and accept that I need help--from several sources.
To that end, I've also joined Stephanie's Wednesday Weigh-In to hold myself accountable. Her blog is A Ditchin' Time Quilts and she's had this group going for over 3 months now. The group loss should exceed 200 lbs sometime today! Check it out, and it's not too late to join up with us, if you're facing the same challenges. There's comfort in numbers, you know. Well, numbers of people, not numbers of pounds.

And if you're interested in the South Beach Diet, besides the official website, there's a blogger who has been developing some really yummy-sounding recipes after losing 42 lbs on the diet. Her site is Kalyn's Kitchen, and I plan to spend some more time browsing her blog. Her recipes are a bit more down-to-earth than the South Beach folks'.

So, anyway, every Wed. I'll have a brief post about my progress.  This is your advance warning, in case you want to skip it! 


Pokey said...

I'm proud of you! It takes work, but the rewards are great-breathing, for example! I'm hoping the best for you. Hugs, pokey

AnnieO said...

Good work, Stephanie! I have about 30 lbs I don't want but have also been putting off starting a "diet". My sweet tooth is raging right now! Gotta get that under control before Sugar Season officially begins. There's Halloween candy in the stores already, sheesh! Take care of yourself.

Lynda said...

And here I am making a peach pie.....well I have to do something with all these peaches I got from my sister-in-law don't I? Good luck to you, I know I should be motivated to do the same thing!!

MightyMom said...

Way to cowgirl up!

Libby said...

Weight loss is such a difficult thing - good luck with your journey. I always have good intentions . . . but lose my way rather than lose the weight *s*

Finn said...

Oh Steph, I hear you so very loud and clear. I also have the raging battle with the lipid panel. You've got one sneaky dr. regarding medications, so far mine hasn't thought of that. I did so well with losing weight between Jan and May, but once again fell off that wagon.
I'm gotting to plod on over and check out the Wednesday weigh in thingy, just might have to join you in this endeavor! It's hard, hard, hard, but I know you can do it! Sending hugs, Finn

Stephanie said...

Love your post here. You are going to be the spotlighted member this week! Steph

Karen said...

Congratulations - not just on the weight loss, but on the getting started. I don't have far to go but I'm starting to count WW points with my husband.