Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of the Year

This has been SOME week!

You'll remember we had Christmas on the 24th, because I had to work the 25th.  What I didn't tell you was that we got a phone call right in the midst of unwrapping gifts on Friday.  My youngest brother, the black sheep of the family, was found dead Christmas Eve morning.  The best we can figure is a heart attack, since nothing else seems out of whack.  He had been living with my mother and stepfather, helping them out, and when he didn't wake up early as usual, she found him.  With the holidays, arrangements were in limbo for a few days, and I wasn't sure whether we'd try to go or not.  I won't go into the weird family dynamics (I'm sure you all have some of those), but I hadn't seen him in over 20 years, and hadn't seen or spoken to my mother in even longer than that. 

Saturday it began snowing--and snowing and snowing!  We got a total of 8 inches where we are, and I wrenched my arm coming out of a skid trying to get to work.  I first tried to drive DD's car, since Jack's was unreliable, but got stuck twice, and had to be pushed up a hill by 4 neighbors.  I transferred everything over into the SUV and made it in early, but my right arm became increasingly more painful as the night went on, and I couldn't lift it more than about waist high.  After getting off work Sun, I went down to the ER and got it checked out.  It's probably a strained deltoid, but since it was a re-injury of a strain from lifting patients several weeks ago, I'm to see an orthopedist if it's not better in 7-10 days. They gave me a sling, which has helped considerably.

Mon. we got the word that my brother's funeral would be on Tues, so after talking it over, DD and I drove down to Birmingham to stay with my other brother and his wife.  Jack stayed here and kept the dog and DD's cat and just held down the fort.  DD hadn't seen her cousins in years, so it was good for her to visit with them, despite the reason.  Tues. night after the funeral, they all went out for Thai food and had a great time! I got to spend more time with my other brother and my sister as well as all the nieces and nephews--that makes twice in one year! 

Wed. we left there and drove back here to NC, and Thurs. morning DD left here headed for HER home.  That's a lot of driving in just a few days, but she's young and beautiful and she can do it.  lol  Yesterday I had the mandatory mammogram done, and last night came down sick with what is probably a sinus infection. I had chills and fever, with a temp of 101.4 and a very sore throat, but the worst seems to be over for now.   However, the Christmas stuff is going to stay up for a while longer.  Lifting is still difficult, and I don't even feel like playing with my "new toys" for now.  I plan to continue vegging out on the couch and may not see 2011 come in.  I will have to work this weekend, so conserving energy seems to be the best option.

Here's hoping 2011 will be a wonderful year for us all, and if you're making resolutions, hoping that they'll last more than a week! 


cockermom said...

Holy Cow Steph, horrible month for you. I am glad your DD was with you for the drive and an anchor when dealing with 'family dynamics' as you say.
Hoping 2011 brings us all joy and peace. Donnie

Pokey said...

So sorry to hear this, Stephanie, I do hope the new year comes with greater hope and peace.

Cathi said...

Oh, my - what a way to end the year! I hope 2011 is a much better year for you!

Libby said...

Holy cow! That's is a lot to deal with in such a short period of time (or even in a long period of time) I am sorry for your loss . . . . even when relationships are strained , it's never easy to lose someone.
Glad you got the chance to reconnect with extended family - not to mention all the fun with your darling girl! Hoping only the best for you in the New Year!

Karen said...

Oh Stephanie, I'm SO SORRY! What a terrible end to the year. I am really sorry about your brother. Yes, we all have the family dramas but it's still a loss. I hope you are doing alright, and that your arm feels better soon!!!

MightyMom said...

My goodness! How did I miss this?? I'm beginning to think my google reader isn't trustworthy.

I'm sorry for all you've been through dear friend and hope 2011 is a much better year for your family!!!!!