Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

Can the month be 1/3 gone already??  I had bigger plans for January than this.

Christmas is still in force here at the Scraps household.  Tree's still up, inside and outside lights are still up (but not on!) and there are still gifts in their boxes, waiting for someone to play with them. Seems all I've done is work and lie around in bed or on the sofa. The sinus infection left me so congested, I couldn't use my C-PAP for 9 days, so sleeping was a distant memory, and I think that's why it's taken so long to get over this virus thing.

But Friday night I found the right combination of meds and got my first night's sleep in over a week and wow, what a difference!  The bathrooms are now cleaned, groceries were bought, the sewing room was put back together, Mount Washmore has almost been conquered and there was even some cooking done! 

And then it snowed.

And it snowed some more. 

And I shoveled.  And shoveled. Then the snowplow came and re-deposited snow onto my driveway.
I have a love/hate relationship with the snowplow.

Thurs. night I was put on call, which was great for me, since I was so tired, but they called Fri., Sat, and Sun. to ask me to work.  I felt really guilty saying no, but I had worked sick for 3 shifts, and was exhausted and the house was a mess.  When I got up Mon. morning, I was so glad I'd said no.  There was no way I'd have made it home until 3pm when the snowplows finally got to my road, and I have to work Tues. and Wed. nights as it is. 

Tandi amused herself by attempting to prune the rosebushes for me.

But after sticking with me through repeated shovelings, even Tandi was losing her enthusiasm for the snow.
So was I.

Then my little Halloween helpers came by and spent some time re-posing Napoleon Bone-apart.

Napoleon sported a Santa hat for Christmas; now he just serves to remind me where the edge of the driveway is.

Maybe on my next offday, I can get the cars taken care of, and on the one after that, take down Christmas, and THEN maybe I'll get to sew.



Lynda said...

Glad your feeling a little better now. Can't believe your snow...and I've been complaining about the little we have. It's just so cold that I hate to leave the warmth of my home. Good luck getting everything put away and cleaned up so you can get back to the important stuff like sewing.

cockermom said...

I am glad you are feeling better. Snowy and nasty here too so I haven't really tried to catch up. Christmas is down and scattered all over the basement ready for me to sort and put away, but I got the winter blues so there it sits...
I love Mr. Bones is pointing out the drive, but I bet he is cold!

Libby said...

When we lived in CA, I never understood why people complained about the snow plows. I get it now *s* Hope things are smoothing out in your neck of the woods. We are about dug out here.

audreypawdrey said...

I am glad you are feeling better, and I hope you get to sew soon! I am hoping for a warm day to melt all the snow off the roads around here; the main roads are clear, but the side streets are snowpacked! The snowplows never come down our street.:(

Lori said...

no CPap makes for no sleep. Glad you can use it now. I looked at your snow. Hey, it's not that much, you can still see over it. my little town published a notice in the paper--everyone is to remove their vehicles from the street for snow removal. Remove them to where??!! There are lots of houses without driveways or garages, I guess we are supposed to drive them over the snowbanks and sidewalks onto the lawn. glad our section of town doesn't have curb and gutter yet. Sheesh! Tandi is ready for no snow, and Ruby is too. She spends these nasty cold days on the rug, dreaming doggy dreams and yipping about squirrels.

Vicki Lane said...

We've had some snow, all right. The weekend is supposed to be better. Let's hope.

Loved the comment you left on my blog about your daughter and the list of bad words!

MightyMom said...

yikes! I hope you've dug out by now! or better yet...MELTED!!

Stephanie said...

I love your doggie! (and the kids too). We have not had the big snow yet this year! I don't want it all.