Monday, November 07, 2011

Broke the Barrier

With all that has gone on this year, starting with my arm injury last Dec., I had lost my quilting mojo. I'd walk into the sewing room, and walk out again, totally overwhelmed and uninspired. I didn't even buy any fabric between October last year and August of this year. Not that I really needed much--my stash is getting unmanageable.

But by late September, things had begun to turn around, and I finished 3 placemats for a blogging friend's children. I didn't think to take pictures, but she did, and they're on her site, here. I handquilted the center panels, as there were parts I wanted to stand out more, and then machine quilted the outer parts, all with glow in the dark thread--and it really does glow!

I also started 3 wall hangings for my own house for Halloween, but didn't get them finished.
As you can see, I've only reached the sandwiching stage. I have some embellishments to add as well, but they probably won't get picked up again until after the holidays.

In preparation for hanging them, I bought this hanger from Ackfeld Manufacturing:
Is this not the cutest thing?

They sent me a catalog with some of their products: fabric hangers, fabric hooks, ornament holder, etc.

I had never heard of them before, but I really like what they have, and will probably order some of their hangers to include with wall-hanging gifts. I know I never seem to be able to do justice to some of my little quilts with just a dowel and ribbon.

What do you use for hanging wall quilts?


AnnieO said...

Loved all your Halloween pics, Stephanie! These wallhangings are great. I don't have good hangers for mine either--love that witch one--perfect! Glad your mojo has made a reappearance--can't wait to see when some Alaska fabric shows up under your needle :)

Libby said...

I have been hanging my little quilts with 3M poster 'stuff' It's the kind that will automatically release and not damage the walls. That way I can change out quilts all throughout the year and not worry about all the holes I'm leaving behind *S*

MightyMom said...

cool hangers!! I use a dowel and a ribbon, for the Christmas ones the ribbon hangs from a stocking holder over a shelf.

Lynda said...

Glad your quilting mojo has returned. Love the Halloween wallhangings.

Cathi said...

Your Hallowe'en wallhangings are wonderful! The little hangers are a great find!

Pokey said...

Those long wallhangings will be perfect on the wall next year. The catalog looks like one I could dream out of for hours, aren't specialty catalogs that way? Oh, I popped over to see those adorable placemats, too, and I'm glad you are finding that pleasure in sewing again!

Karen said...

Oh how fun the placemats are. I love the dancing witches fabric!