Friday, November 25, 2011

One Nurse's Thanksgiving

Most of my adult life, we've had Thanksgiving whenever.  When I worked in the operating room, it was easier to have it on the actual day, since the OR was only open for emergency cases on holidays and weekends.  But I haven't worked there since DD was 4 years old, so all she ever knew was Turkey Day happened sometime around the 4th weekend of the month. In addition, she was only 5 years old when we moved across the country from our family, so out of necessity, it's just never been a big holiday for us.  I'm sure that's true for many other occupations, not just nursing.

Over the years, we've shared Thanksgiving with a couple of other families, but usually it's just the 2-3 of us, depending on where DD is living at the time. She was never interested in learning to cook as a child or young teen, but as she got to be college age, she began experimenting. She and some of her close friends would host a big Thanksgiving party for friends of all ages and the gal cooks a mean turkey, I must say. In fact, she's turned into quite a cook.  She didn't get it from me.

This year she was invited to spend Thanksgiving with her best friend from work and her family. I'm grateful for her many friends, as she never really has to spend a Thanksgiving alone. She may be 7 hours away, but she's still surrounded by people who care about her.

As for this household, well, I had to work Wed. night and Thurs. night, so our Turkey Day will be tomorrow. It'll be a small one, with only a turkey breast, Stovetop Stuffing, green beans, corn, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, some sort of cranberry dish, and a storebought pecan pie (which we actually cut into tonight. Hey, in another world, it would be leftovers!)  Some years I do the whole Betty Crocker thing, but that's not going to happen this year. There are much more interesting things to do!  Sewing has been happening here, and though I'm not ready to post pictures yet, I'm happy the mojo is continuing.

So if cooking is your thing, hope you are having a great time. If shopping is your thing, stay safe! Weird people are roaming around out there. However you are spending this holiday weekend, I hope you are making wonderful memories. 

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Lynda said...

None of our family came home this year so we had a very simple and quiet day by ourselves. I much prefer lots of family and lots of noise and laughter and food.

Pokey said...

Hey, when it happens, that's fine, right? When the group is small, I take a poll and just fix what people want for those side dishes. We cut our pumpkin pie cake the night before, too, 'cause that's just too much food for one day anyway ~

Libby said...

We have always been a family that celebrates whenever/wherever we can. Makes for a lot of fun *s*

Lori said...

Thanksgiving is whatever day you feel thankful on! Sometimes I have a lot of those days--just not much cooking. We had the big menu but a small turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!!

cockermom said...

I sure hear that! When I worked in the OR I was a traveler so I usually took call for some other poor soul as it was usually too far away to get home and back. Not being a Turkey person, I really didn't mind. However, Pecan Pie, now that is another thing totally! LOL

Karen said...

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Stephanie. Happy December to you!

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for popping by and commenting,

Gill in Canada

MightyMom said...

you'd better start posting those pictures soon!!