Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fell off the Edge of the Earth...

....and yes, there be dragons there. 

I survived, but the battery charger for the camera is now missing and I can't post any pictures! I'm sure it'll turn up sometime, but this means a short post, because how boring is it without pictures?

New addictions--Pinterest.  Angry Birds. E-News Reader Today (lists free Kindle books every day on Facebook.) I now have over 450 free books and short stories on my Kindle. If I should ever get snowed in or stuck on a desert island, I'm set.

Sad but true.

Oh, yeah. I'm not a fanatic, but when I asked for DVDs for the portable player in my sewing room, (so I can "watch" videos while sewing) and didn't get the Twilight Saga, I ordered them myself. Um, yes, I did see Breaking Dawn part 1 in December, and have pre-ordered the video.

Actually, Eclipse is on right now.


Somewhere inside me still lives a sappy 15-year-old.

Does it help that I also liked the Hunger Games Trilogy?

I didn't think so.


AnnieO said...

Welcome back from dragonland :) I have NOT read the Twilight series but my girls did and loved them. They disparaged Kristin Stewart though, as Bella. I haven't seen the movies either...

Hope you find your charger soon!

Libby said...

I am avoiding Pintrest with every fiber of my being . . . if I get started, I know I'll never get another thing done *s*