Saturday, March 24, 2012

Do You Know About Goodreads?

My daughter introduced me to Goodreads a couple of years or so ago. It's a good way to organize all your lists of books--already read, currently reading, or to-read--and post reviews.

 Every month there's a newsletter of new books coming out by authors whose works you've read, or genres you've listed. I like to skim through it and put books on my to-read shelf to find later, because I know if I don't make a note of it somewhere, I'll forget about it.

Last month, I stumbled upon a list of their giveaways. Publishers or authors will make a limited number of their books available to win and choose from those who have entered their names.  Sometimes they're advance copies of books that haven't undergone the final editing, sometimes they're signed copies of books that have been out a while, and sometimes they're just the first copies of a book to be released. There are hundreds, in all categories, and I went nuts finding even more books I wanted.

These are the ones I've won so far:

I've finished The Power of Habit and The Dog Who Danced--both good books.  The book on habits was fascinating, and the book about a sheltie and the people who loved him made me cry and smile, both. Just started The Year We Left Home, and got an email telling me I've won another: Short Scares. It should arrive in the next couple of weeks or so.

Add this to the 726 books and short stories I have added to my Kindle in the year that I've owned it, and I question how there can possibly be time to work.

Seriously, if you love to read, go to Goodreads and check it out. Usually over in the left-or-right-hand columns there will be an ad about some of their books, and sometimes there will be a hyperlink stating "Enter for a chance to win a copy" just under the title of one of the books. Even if that's not one you're interested in, click it, then in the top left hand corner will be a link "all giveaways". You can use the drop down menu on the next page to list them by "ending soon", "most popular", "recently listed", etc. Of course, you have to become a registered member first, but that's easy peasy.  And the more you fill out on your profile, the more information they have when deciding whom to choose. I don't know if they're totally random, but since they really would like you to review their books if you win one, they may choose entrants who have already written reviews, or have similar books on their "to-read" lists, etc.

And if you do sign up, add me as a friend. I'd love to see what you all are reading, and especially, anything you win!


Cathi said...

That looks like a site that is all too engrossing! I'm going to give it a try soon!

Libby said...

Thanks for the tip. I would much rather spend time on this than Pintrest *s*

StitchinByTheLake said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been on Goodreads for a while but hadn't noticed the sidebar at all. blessings, marlene