Thursday, November 22, 2007


Today, I came home from work and watched a few minutes of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade before going to sleep. Now I will toss a load of clothes in the dryer, move the window A/C unit from the guest room to the garage, boil some eggs, set dishes in the fridge to thaw and chop some veggies to dip.

Tomorrow I will go pick up the turkey, swing by the Fresh Market for oranges and check for fresh brussel sprouts, and rush home to put it all together. Our daughter will drive in from Virginia, and we will try a couple of new recipes, working side by side in the kitchen, while J-Man tries to sneak bites and Tandi does her best to coax us to drop a morsel or two. We will laugh and hug and enjoy each other's company and eat just a bit too much. Then we'll meet another couple and go to a play, where DD will probably be seated safely between her parents, an adult in the eyes of her self and the world, but always our child.

Later we'll go home, maybe have some coffee and another slice of pie, and J-Man, who is a morning person, will stumble off to bed, while DD and I, who are night people will sit up and talk or watch a late movie (Miracle on 34th Street if I get MY way) and drift off to sleep, one of us waking the other to go to bed.

Saturday morning she will leave, and we will start counting the days til we get to see her again. There are always too many, but we are thankful for the days we do get to spend with her.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful, warm, and love-filled holiday today. In fact, I wish it for you every day.


PEA said...

May today and every day be blessed with simple, quiet moments of thanksgiving!! Happy Thanksgiving to my dear American friends from across the border:-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow, Stephanie!
You just described a Thanksgiving with my mom, minus the kids. :-)
Sounds wonderful. You are blessed, and so is your family.
Thanks so much for sharing with us.
Your blog is lovely!

Rosa said...

The holidays are upon us. Yours sounds perfect. Now, on to Christmas!!

Supermom said...

Your email from me with quilt swap partner info came back undeliverable. How else may I email you? Please let me know.