Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday at the Movies 1/24

Reach back into your memory banks, folks! This week's questions are from the 1987 movie, Baby Boom.

I'm making these easier with multiple choice answers.

1. What was the name of the little girl Diane Keaton's character inherited from her distant relatives?

a) Emily

b) Elizabeth

c) Hannah

2. What was Diane Keaton's character's nickname in the corporate world?

a) Tiger Lady

b) Bulldog

c) The Shark

3. Where was the 62-acre farm located?

a) Conneticut

b) New Hampshire

c) Vermont

Answers on Tuesday!


Libby said...

Holy Cow - you've stumped me again. I remember seeing that movie way back in the day . . . but barely remember anything but the premise. I'll stay tuned for the answers *s*

Libby said...

p.s. I'm going to go back now and listen to my song on your playlist *S*

Stephanie D. said...

Email from Libby:
Okay - pure guesses only . . . . based on my current mood *s* Hannah, Tiger Lady, Vermont.

gardenymph said...

I loved this movie way back when, but I don't remember for sure the details. I'll make a guess.

1. Emily

2. The Shark

3. Vermont

Oh, and I love the selection that you chose to represent me. Great idea!:~)

Lori in South Dakota said...

okay, I'll guess!
Tiger Lady

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh my gosh I loved that movie lol* I totally can't remember...I'm going with the same as someone else said over there - Emily, The Shark, and Vermont. That sounds right. I just watched this too like amonth ago or something!

MightyMom said...

oK so you DO realize that I was TWELVE in 1987 right?? my movie taste went more to Top Gun than Baby Boom!!!

ick, I'll try again next week

jacquie said...

i know this...see me waving my hand wildly and wiggling in my seat! it was baby elizabeth raised by the tiger lady in vermont. so, am i right?

Marla said...

ok, think I have it. Elizabeth, tiger lady and Connecticut. Loved the movie!