Sunday, January 04, 2009

Saturday at the Movies--foiled again

We are still without a TV in the living room and I just cannot justify sitting in the guest room or bedroom to watch TV without handwork or something--and the sewing room stuff is still on the back porch and wherever and Christmas is still only half down.

So, no movie trivia again this week.

Unless you want to challenge me.

Which is perfectly okay, and you'll probably win, because the TV receptors in my brain appear to be deteriorating from lack of use.

I think it's called dry rot.

The TV repairman says the part was scheduled to be delivered today, and he'll be out on Wed. to fix it, so maybe we'll be up and running by next Saturday.


Libby said...

Hope you are back in fine movie trivia form soon. I can't seem to engage my brain today to come up with a challenge for you *s*

MightyMom said...

name the formerly married actor and actress who both played in one of the Harry Potter Movies...and which movie had both of them.

Lori in South Dakota said...

dry rot?? soggy foggy head?? I have all that and a lot more!! Hey--I can send you my little fold down tv---I took it out of the camper when I put it in storage and haven't put it up anywhere else yet! But you have to sit close, it's a 9" screen! And MightyMom asks a great movie trivia question--and I have absolutely no idea what the answer is!

MouseChirpy said...

Sorry to hear about your t.v. being on the blink. Hope they get the part in soon. Thank goodness you have a computer to keep you informed of current events.
Happy 2009!

audreypawdrey said...

I will miss your trivia but I never know the answer anyway! I thought too much tv caused brain rot but maybe not enough does as well. :) I enjoy it as background noise if nothing else. I went three years without any station but pbs which was extremely rough at first but it did become easier; I don't think I watched less because we just watched way too many netflix movies. I hope it is fixed soon!