Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Winding down

Only one more day of vacation left. Sigh. I could get used to this life sooooo easily--except if I didn't work, I couldn't afford this life!

Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio is extending her "Spring to Finish" challenge for another month, since we still have a month of spring left. AND she has prizes--always a great little motivator! So here is my first finish for Chapter 2:

It's a table topper made from those half square triangles I found when organizing my sewing room. And, since pastel "Easter egg color" season is almost over, I made it reversible.

I'm planning to paint my kitchen a soft yellow, so I think this will go nicely!

It's the first time I've tried making a bi-colored binding, and I think it turned out pretty well!

Now to get to the other 432 UFOs hiding in the room!

I almost finished the curtains for my room, too. I hung them to decide where to hem them, and just couldn't bear to take them down right away.

I didn't think about lining them, and that probably would have been a good idea, as the seams are visible when the light shines through, but I'm not going back and changing that now.

If I'd had another daisy sheet, I would have made them a little wider, too, and I've considered adding the remainder of that eyelet dust ruffle to the long center sides, but I don't think that would suit the tab top style. No matter. I love how they look up there--so much lighter and happier than the old ones.

I realized I was running low on certain sizes of my machine needles, so stopped by the local quilt shop Monday while running errands.

I should have known better. I should have known I wouldn't get off that easily. Look what jumped into my hands:

In my defense, the whites in my stash were alarmingly low, as opposed to the beiges and naturals, so I had her cut two yards for me. The others, well, what can I say?

Yep, gotta go back to work soon.


jacquie said...

good for you! love the curtains too!

Catherine said...

I keep saying I want to learn to make some curtains -- so I can replace the ones in our living room. Your post reminded me -- think I'll head to the library to find some how-to books!

audreypawdrey said...

The table topper is great! I love the curtains. I think I like them better unlined because then the light shines through!

Libby said...

Your curtains look great! I wouldn't want to take them down either . . . . maybe hems are overrated *s*

Arlette said...

I love the colors of your table topper. It turned out fabulous and what a neat idea with the dual color binding. You're right, it turned out wonderful!

Lori in South Dakota said...

those curtains are very cheery--especially with a soft breeze blowing thru them. Too bad vacation is almost over, they are never long enough.

Pat said...

Congrats on the finish! feels sooo good after getting your studio in order, right?! That border looks tricky :)

Good luck with work! I'll be thinking about you!

SueR said...

What a cute little tabletopper! And only a few ufo's to go! How did you make that two-tone binding?
If you wanted to maybe add a lining to your curtains later, maybe you could just add a faced hem to the top and sides to hide the raw edges of the lining. Sorry you gotta go back to work. :(

AnnieO said...

Your vacation projects must cause you to heave a satisfied sigh...I can almost hear it in your words! And shopping therapy too--what more can a vacation need?

MightyMom said...

1) I like the seams showing through...gives it a dark anchor so to speak,
2) you can NEVER go wrong with eyelet lace! trim those puppies!
3) you naughty naughty girl you!