Thursday, May 07, 2009

Squirrels and such

Remember the white squirrel at my bird feeder? He's been back, with all his friends. Two days ago I counted 4 white squirrels and 5 gray ones out in the yard, munching on the squirrel food I put out there.

Evidently that wasn't enough and the little guys got greedy--ALL of them. They learned to climb up the boxwood and leap over to the feeders, and were no longer frightened by my banging on thr window, or making loud noises with the window open. So I moved the pole 6 inches farther away, and then another 6 inches, but to no avail.

Finally today, I moved it out to the middle of the yard, next to the rosebushes and away from anything they could climb. It's been amusing to watch them climb up the boxwoods again, only to look around in utter bewilderment when the pole wasn't there.

Now my little feathered friends can eat again.

In other news, my friend Connie has done remarkably well after the rocky start following her open heart surgery. There's a chance she will be discharged today. They have a place at the Nazarene House and will stay there a few days so she can be at her follow-up appointments. Thanks everyone, for your prayers and good wishes.

Have you read about the quilt-along at Crazy Mom Quilts? It's a 9-patch a day through the summer. I decided to play along, making a child's quilt out of brights, and was cutting fabrics while talking to my daughter on the phone late last night when I cut a chunk out of my left forefinger. It bled forever and I couldn't pull the tissue away without causing it to bleed all over again. I finally got a bandaid on it with the Telfa side on it so it wouldn't stick to the wound, then grabbed a strip of the white sheet I cut up for the curtains and managed to wrap it around and tie it with my good hand and teeth. I felt like a civil war nurse. Or a character from The Waltons, here in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

I did manage to sew my 2 blocks, and fortunately, I have been cutting 2 1/2 squares from scrap fabrics for a couple of years now, so will have plenty to choose from for a while.

But typing is time-consuming, so please forgive me for not answering your comments for a while. I will be visiting, though!


Pat said...

The squirrels are fun to watch and try to 'out think'!

Glad your friend, Connie is responding well to her treatments!

and ouch! you poor girl! cut your finger just as you are getting back into sewing mode! hope it heals fast :)

audreypawdrey said...

I am glad you out witted those squirrels! I am also happy to hear that your friend is doing well; I will think of her.

I have cut my finger way too many times! They bleed so profusely, too. I love the "civil war" bandaging technique you used. I am making 9 patches as well.;)

Libby said...

Squirrels (*^#%@*&$@#)(

So glad to hear that your friend is doing well. Will keep the good thoughts going *s*

Catherine said...

Ouch! Your poor finger! Hope that it heals quickly.
The 9-patches are altogether too much fun -- I'm having a blast making them!

Cyn ;-) said...

Sorry to hear about your finger.. ouch! Sure hope it heals fast. I love your blog and 'found' you via Gill's blog... I will be back!

Arlette said...

Can't help but feel your pain as I read about your finger incident. I hope you're on the road to recovery and that it wasn't too severe a wound.
Your story about the squirrels is funny. We don't have them in Hawaii so whenever I travel to a place that have them, I always stop and watch those little boogers. They really are entertaining and I love their furry tails.