Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lazy Days

Almost another week has gone by since my last post--and it was pretty skimpy. I've had some work issues simmering in the back of my mind while I did some other, more fun stuff. I had 6 nights off and while I didn't accomplish half the things I meant to, some things did make it off my list.

Thurs. morning I actually got up before 8am and made it over to a co-worker's house for appetizers and cocktails. Remember, THEY got off at 7:30am so it was a reasonable cocktail hour for them. I had ice water, just because I planned to stay up all day, and there aren't many things I like to drink, truth be told. Except chocolate martinis. And kahlua. Neither of which needed to start my day. But it was fun, a chance to see a different side of some folks, and some absolutely delicious appetizers--peach salsa (odd taste, but good), artichoke dip, and pesto brie. Omigosh, was that ever good! I was there 4 hours!

Thursday evening a separate group of us went to see "The Ugly Truth."

Definitely a chick flick and only fluff, but fun to see with some of your girlfriends. We followed that with a meal at Fatz, and some browsing at Big Lots next door to the theater. It was nice to indulge in a Girls' Day Out.

Not much of the sewing I planned got done, but I did sew up 10 blocks for the second half of the Four Seasons Quilt Swap--summer edition.

We could make up to 20, but I'm a little rushed, and a little bored with them right now, and if I need more blocks, I can make more from my stash to fill in.

And I made up two little needle books for myself.

The one with the rosebuds was the first one--the blue one was second and a little better. I didn't have any felted wool, but these were just fine and so simple to make--if they wear out, it won't take an hour to replace them.

I also got this in the mail last week:

Jean sent me some doll hair for the little Handy Dolls I'm making for work. The yarn I was using is not holding up and I'll have to bald them in order to put some new on--but now I have a decent substitute. Can you see the little rosebuds she sent for their dresses?

Too cute!

So it's time for another 3 day stretch and the schedule from you-know-where this month. I'll be perusing your blogs as time permits, but may not be able to post for a bit. Besides, it's the lazy hot days of summer. Hope you get a chance to relax, everyone!


cockermom said...

Hey Steph,
I do so love the little needle books! Glad you had some quality time.

AnnieO said...

That is an interesting week, anyway---variety being spicy and all, that morning cocktail party sounds fun (I'm not a drinker either, so far this year I've had two!) Hope your hot days cool off.

MightyMom said...


what a fantabluous idea!
I love it! I'd ask for the pattern...but my todo list is FULL. However...with Christmas coming...ahem...I'm just gonna say...ahem....WOW! those are awesome!!! I really REALLY like them!!!

*cheesy grin*

*karendianne. said...

Love reading all the happenings but especially dig the "morning meeting" with the co-worker. Fun!

...and I wanted to comment and let you know "great job" on those needle books.

julieQ said...

Need to go see that movie! A nice chick flick sounds just right, right now. The needle books are wonderful...sounds like an interesting party.

Libby said...

I love cocktail hour in the morning - why not if it's the end of your day *s*

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day with friends and a great few days off. I love "lazy days" with no agenda! They are so few and far between.

Libby said...

Dratted slugs . . . . next year you will win for sure!

Jean said...

I haven't seen this movie, but did go see Julie and Julia last weekend. It was great! I had read the book, so wanted to see it.

Glad the hair arrived!!!