Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still wandering that desert....

My schedule has been all jumbled, and there was a lot I planned to accomplish on several consecutive days off, but as usual--my list was unrealistic.

I had a single night off in the midst of work nights, so slept all day and stayed up all night rather than mess my body up even more. A couple of hours was spent trying to catch up on some blogger posts--the reader list was at 118! And I updated my blog--took it back down to two columns and played with the colors.

Then I spent a long while researching some Halloween how-tos. Omigosh, am I ever an amateur compared to what's out there! It's a bit comforting that mine is the best in the neighborhood, but when I see what is possible? Holy cow! Then again, it's only me doing my yard. Some of these places take food bank donations and have a half dozen folks helping.

If you're a Halloween nut, here are some great places to visit:

If you're not, don't go there.

I am itching to get started in my own yard, but it's too early to put anything out. Looking forward to some days off to start building some props and aging some of the foam tombstones I ordered. I know some people make their own, but working with styrofoam (for me) is akin to fingernails on a blackboard; sets my teeth on edge. Some of my orders have come in, and I raided the dollar store the other day, but I haven't hit Michael's, Wal-Mart, or Garden Ridge yet (which I've heard of, but never visited.) Nor have I attended many yard sales lately--it's been too hot for most folks, but the weather is cooling off.

Oh, and I uploaded my 3 Midnight Syndicate CDs on the iPod in preparation for the party and the Big Night. I cleaned out a closet and found a clear shower curtain I'd forgotten we had--perfect for making this:
I'm thinking this, with a little fake blood in the tub and handprints on the tile, will be creepy in the bathroom that all will use.

Did I mention the theme for this year is "To Die For--or From"?

From now til New Year's will be crazy-busy.


MightyMom said...

oh geez, you've got your day counter up again.

gives me the hives just thinking about you know what all I have to do BEFORE I even START on costumes??????

I mean a sheet with eyeholes and voila you have a ghost right?? not for MY KID!!! Dude he wants THIS ghost..

(the first pic)..complete with streamers....ayayayay

cockermom said...

Thanks for all the links!
Boy Howdy, I can't wait for Halloween, love it! The furkids are ready too!

Catherine said...

I hope you take lots of photos of your yard when you're done! It sounds incredible!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh my, only two months until Halloween! I am lucky if I get a dozen kids to stop, I drag out a few decorations, hang out my lights. I think I live in the geriatric neighborhood, they all go to bed early and shut their lights off, and I am the only person on the block hoping for kids!

AnnieO said...

Can't wait to see all the fun! Halloween is a big deal in our neighborhood---on busy years we give out at least 7 bags of candy! I always shake my head at the people who carve their pumpkins a week in advance, not realizing they will begin ROTTING as soon as the skin is violated!

SueR said...

I celebrate Halloween vicariously, through you. Last year was a blast!

audreypawdrey said...

I can't wait to see what you do for Halloween this year! You always make the most fabulous yard. Thanks for the links, too!