Monday, February 08, 2010


Saturday morning brought tree service folks to the door, ready to clear my driveway and yard, as is their business. But it also brought neighbors to my door, neighbors with a chain saw, who came out of the goodness of their hearts.

Jack is unable to even walk in the snow, much less help, but I was able to throw on a jacket and help drag cut limbs and branches out of the way. We lost more limbs and another tree during the night, and as we live on the corner of the two main streets in the neighborhood, the debris was seriously impeding traffic, too.

One of the men said he watches us set up for Halloween every year, and that his children really enjoy coming here to Trick or Treat.  That made me feel good, as if maybe we are contributing to the community in a small way.

More neighbors were out looking around, taking pictures, and they helped drag branches for a while, too. There was a lot to move.

Yesterday I ran into another neighbor at the grocery store, who is also a night nurse at my hospital.  He said he'd seen the mess on the way home Saturday morning, and had planned to come over with his chainsaw once he woke up that afternoon, but by then it was all done. Many hands...

When I was out here searching for a house back in 2003, one of the selections was a beautiful home with a garden bath and sitting room off the master bedroom, and a kitchen to die for.  It sat back off the road, hidden by a wooded area, accessed only by a long, winding gravel driveway, and no other houses for several "city blocks".   We didn't take it because there was no carport or garage, and we couldn't have afforded to add one, at least not for several years. But I think about how this winter would have been if we'd bought that house, and I believe our guardian angel was looking out for us. 

These guys did this because we are a community, a neighborhood, and would have been insulted if I'd tried to pay them. But I'll bet they won't turn down a pan of Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings tonight.


Libby said...

How wonderful to be part of a giving and loving community . . . . I'm hoping that someday, we'll feel like we fit in in ours, too *s*

Pat said...

so happy your neighbors helped! I'm sure they will love the *sweet treats* yuo are making for them :)

Cathi said...

So glad you had such great help! What a lot of damage that storm has done. Glad you're safe.

Julie Stiles Mills said...

I love this story. The community outpouring is much the same here after a hurricane. And the Apple Dumplings sound like a perfect thanks!

MightyMom said...

good neighbors are priceless!

Owens Family Adventures said...

Stories like this just give you hope, don't they!
Wonderful neighbors, you are indeed blessed....but I'm also thinking you must be pretty wonderful too for them to think about you! :)

cockermom said...

How sad to lose a nice tree! And how happy to have lovely neighbors!