Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Through Rose-, er, Green-colored Glass

Back again, and feeling so much better than the last time I posted.  I really think I have been under the effects of S.A.D.--Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Despite having been born in the South and remembering November and February as the grayest months of the year, 20 years of life in New Mexico, Land of the 350 days/yr of sunshine, has left me ill-prepared to deal with all the cloudy skies again.

Nothing interested me.  I could sit for hours at the computer and play Farmville, because it didn't take much effort and I could forget everything else.  But movies? No. I've had the same 2 Netflix movies here for about 4 months.  Sewing? No.  I'd walk into the sewing room, and just turn around again and leave. I can't even remember the last time we went out to eat, but it had to be August or September. 5 bins of Christmas decorations still sat in the living room, ready to be packed up and put away in the garage.  It was all I could do to go to work.

I was just about ready to make an appointment with my physician and ask for anti-depressants.  In the meantime, I started back on my routine vitamins, and added 2000 IU of Vitamin D daily. It's only been 7 days since I did that, but I am feeling SO much better. The Physician's Assistant for my gynecologist tested my Vitamin D level in Dec. and they have been trying to get in touch with me to give me prescription-strength Vit D ever since, but we have conflicting schedules, and I just never got around to calling them the pharmacy I use.

Two weekends ago, it was warm and in the upper 40s, and I did some early spring cleaning--opened up some windows and cleaned half the windows in the house.  Took down some curtains to wash, did detailed vacuuming, etc.  (Of course, I might not have done that had I not smoked up the house with stuff that bubbled over in the oven and then burned toast the NEXT morning!) Got the Christmas bins put away and bought flowers at the grocery store to put in a couple of vases in the house.  This was before the Vit. D, and it helped some, but the difference in my energy level and just all-round well-being has been in the last week. 

According to my PA, Vit. D has been determined to be a big influence in boosting our immune systems, fighting some forms of cancer, regulating sleep irregularities, and even has an effect on cardiac  problems and insulin resistance.  As I am obese, diabetic, and a night shift worker, it stands to reason I would be deficient in Vit D. I know Cathi, who lives in Canada, says she takes extra vit D from October to June every year. Makes sense to me!

Okay, so that's your public health service announcement for today. In other news, here's the latest weather around Scrapsville:

This was all yesterday, when we were served another helping of winter snow--almost one year to the day from the last March snowfall.  (And yes, those trees are still down.  With the weather and my sleeping schedule, the guys just haven't been able to get them all up yet)

Tandi was having a grand old time in the loose, powdery stuff.  She came in with huge snowballs plastered to her ears and chest and belly--so much so that I had to plop her in a bathtub of warm water to get them off her, because they just weren't melting fast enough--and she was getting snow all over the carpet and sofa.  Baths are not her favorite thing, but I rewarded her with peanut butter doggy treats I baked yesterday, and she was satisfied.

This morning the sun is out, the sky is blue, and the wind has the chill factor down to 22, though the thermometer says it's 33 degress out there.

Most of these pots sitting on my back deck hold chives, and they were just starting to poke their little green heads through.  Don't know if they'll still be there once the snow melts!
The birds were more than happy to feast at the feeders

but this little guy was using his feet to dig a hole and look for seeds that had fallen below:

To help the spring come along a little more quickly, I put my spring tabletopper on the kitchen table, along with a thick-glassed old green pitcher I bought off eBay a few years back.

I love the way it looks with the sun shining through the glass.

Life is looking pretty good right now.  Amazing what a few vitamins can do.
I may even make it into the sewing room this weekend--and stay awhile!


AnnieO said...

Having lived in SoCalif all my life, I can only imagine how dreary it gets to look out at all that white, white, white and brown, brown, brown for months on end. No wonder people get SAD! Hope your vitamin regimen helps bunches--in our office we see lots of folks with chronic pain and VitD levels get tested regularly for the same reasons you describe. Love the table topper and pitcher--definitely brightens up the scene!

Libby said...

Such interesting information on vitamin D. Daylight has not ever been an issue for me . . . . until we moved to New England.
I have noticed that I have naturally been drinking a LOT more milk than I can recall since childhood. The body does know what to do, right?

Cathi said...

Glad you're feeling better! Isn't Vitamin D amazing?
Your kitchen table looks fabulous with that pitcher! Really brings in the hope of spring.

Pat said...

so glad the vit d is working for you! i take calcium with vit d supplements, too. and you look like you have MORE winter than we do here in Wisconsin!?

Penny said...

Stephanie, I am sorry you've been down. I can tell from your post and the gorgeous pictures that you are feeling better.

Interesting that you mentioned the Vitamen D. My older girl had NO energy and finally went to the doctor about it. After ruling out several things, they said that was the trouble. She is now on Vitamen D and she says it made all the difference. And she'd been so listless that it was hard for her to even keep her eyes open. I'd not heard of that, before, but she swears she is a new woman.

MightyMom said...

SAD or plain old depression?? who knows. glad it's passing.

you gotta get back to posting! I need movie selections as I'm in SOLE POSSESSION of our Netflix account till Easter teeheehee...hubby giving up the computer for Lent and many wide reaching rewards for me! :-) course he gets to eat the entire apple pie he baked yesterday ....

Anonymous said...

Spring must be wonderful in places which get snow. Here in Australia the seasons all blur into one another, but often summer is harder to bear than winter.


HarryJack's Mom said...

Welcome back! I've missed your posts and am so glad things are brightening in your world - lovely pictures :-)

Pokey said...

Hope things get 'brighter' for you, Stephanie. I take vitamin D to fight off colds, didn't know it would help the mood, too!

audreypawdrey said...

I never knew Vitamin D could be so important! It reminds me that I need to try to spend at least a little while in the sun each day, although it is hard when you leave when it is dark for work and it is cold outside. Thanks for the reminder and I am glad you feel better!