Monday, March 02, 2009

The Day After

Well, it snowed until about midnight--a hard, fast, blowing snow. Cathy, a gal from Louisiana, happily took a ruler outside and reported an unofficial 6 1/2 inches. By morning, cars were up against guardrails, trucks had spun out and were blocking highway lanes, and it took Cathy 10 minutes to open her frozen car door. I don't think she was quite as enamored as she had been at midnight. We had lots of call-ins, so it was almost 11am when I got off work.

This is what I saw:

Getting home was a little easier than getting to work, but the wind was blowing hard, and the roads were still treacherous. Folks were starting to get out and shovel sidewalks and driveways.

After dozing in J-Man's recliner for an hour or so, Tandi and I decided to tackle ours before the temperature drops and everything ices over.

Tandi was beginning to adapt to the snow, running pell-mell through the yard everytime the snow plow went by. I finally had to put her back in the house. There were clumps of frozen snow clinging to her coat, and I didn't know what the ice and snow would do to her paws. She wasn't happy about it, but we just don't have experience with this.

After about an hour, the driveway was clear again.

We didn't lose any trees this time, just a few branches off the oak tree. The Bradford pear trees, which are very susceptible to the additional weight of snow and ice, had just started opening their buds last week:

Tonight the temperature is supposed to plummet to the teens again, so I expect we'll see a few more of these tomorrow:

I'm betting the schools will be closed again.


Catherine said...

Thank goodness you got home safely! This is one strange winter. We're having wind chills in the -25 degree range again. Today it's so cold and the wind is so strong that even with the heat turned way up, it's chilly in here.
Spring can't come fast or soon enough for me!!!

Julie Stiles Mills said...

I love the icicles on the wind chime, that is so neat! It dipped down here a little bit. At the middle school track meet tonight, there were lots of kids running in tank tops and shorts who weren't prepared for it. brrrr.

MightyMom said...

glad it's you and not me!!


nothing quite as fun as a 16 hour shift!!

audreypawdrey said...

I am glad that you made it home safely! The snow is beautiful but I am happy for you that it has stopped.

Libby said...

Oh my goodness it just looks so beautiful. I'm with you, I would have made Harper come in . . . . it I could have gotten her to go out in the first place *s*

jacquie said...

we started march with a snow too....70 degrees tomorrow...i'm ready for spring!