Friday, September 10, 2010

Seriously Yummy Simple Desserts

One of my nieces can cook but rarely does.  The other one loves to cook.  For this past Labor Day celebration, Bethany made one of these desserts and told her sister how to make the other.  I was a very good girl and didn't have any, but the recipes look delicious, and Jack assured me they were. 

The rat.

Anyway, I give you Bethany's recipes:


First Layer
1 C flour
1 C chopped pecans
1 stick butter, melted

Mix together and press flat on bottom of pan.  Bake at 350 until golden brown.

Second Layer
1 C confectioner's sugar
1 small container Cool Whip
12 oz cream cheese, softened

Mix on medium to high speed.  When crust cools, spread this layer on top of crust.

Third Layer
2 boxes instant chocolate pudding

Mix as directed on box and spread on top of white mixture (2nd layer).

Fourth Layer
Top with another small container Cool Whip and sprinkle with more pecan pieces.

Now, my sister-in-law said she's made this, using instant lemon pudding instead of chocolate, and coconut instead of pecans on top.  This version sounds equally tasty to me.


1 Graham cracker pie crust
1 pkg Chips Ahoy cookies
1 C milk
1 container Cool Whip

Dip cookies in milk and layer evenly over pie crust. Cover with layer of Cool Whip.  Continue with layers of milk-soaked cookies and Cool Whip to desired depth.  Crumble several dry cookies and sprinkle on top.

Could this one get any easier?

Sorry I didn't take pictures of the desserts, but I was having serious cravings and couldn't trust myself to focus on them. You'll just have to use your imaginations.

Maybe I'll make the easy one and take it to work one when I have a stomach flu or something.


AnnieO said...

Those do sound pretty calorie dense--but yummy! Thanks for sharing.

Go to work while you have the stomach flu? Really?

Karen said...

Oooh, might have to try these!

MightyMom said...

I'm sending these to my personal chef!!


LuAnn said...

Back about 30 years ago we used to make that first dessert whenever a group of us would get together. We called it Robert Redford. You have to find a picture of him from that time period to see why. The milk soaked cookies pie looks great, too. Thanks for sharing it.