Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Body's Here, but the Heart is in Alabama

Thanks to all of you for your comments, and the prayers that I know are going on behind the scenes. I haven't read any blogs in a while now; I took my mini-computer with me so I could read them as I sat in the waiting room, but just couldn't keep focused.

Saturday night was a crisis; we called family in and at one time there were 15 of us sitting vigil in the waiting room. It was so heartbreaking and so stressful, but in the middle of all this, I was reminded of how much it means to have family and friends so close.  Having moved across the country so many years ago, the three of us--J-Man, DD and I--grew to be our own support group, our own entity. I'd forgotten how comforting it is to just sit with family and friends, united in a common concern.

Sunday afternoon was Jennifer's graveyard service, and a reporter friend of my brother's family had this to say about it:

It was a lovely service; the pastor was so positive and upbeat and brought several smiles to our faces. Afterwards we went back up to the hospital and socialized a bit. It was good to see everyone relaxing a bit.

Monday night I drove back home and got in about 1am Tues. morning.  Today we're in crisis mode again. That nasty stuff in Garrett's lungs is causing major problems. His heart and kidneys and all are fine; it's just the lungs.  I took my brother's dog to the vet on Saturday for a 2-week check-up on her broken paw, and he told me he's seeing the same thing with the animals that survived the tornados--a nasty pneumonia that just won't let go.  Heaven knows what was in those winds: fertilizer, fiberglass, asbestos, lead paint, rat droppings--could be anything.  Garrett's white count is extremely high, and his body is fighting it off as best as it can with the help of mucho antibiotics, but the right lung keeps filling up and has tried to collapse several times, so he now has 3 chest tubes in the right side alone, and one on the left.  He's maxed out on the ventilator, and they are running out of options.

We need a miracle here, God.  A genuine miracle. Do you hear me, God?


julieQ said...

Kneeling in prayer here, Stephanie. I am so sorry.

AnnieO said...

Heartbreaking news. I hope Garrett can continue fighting, though it has been so long already. He is young and strong and that is helping him, I'm sure. Sending healing thoughts frequently and wishing the family strength as well in dealing with his crises and the grief of losing Jennifer.

audreypawdrey said...

I will continue to pray for both you and your family. I hate that you have all had to go through this! thank you for keeping us updated and know I am thinking of you.

cockermom said...

Daniel and I continue our prayers for Garrett, Steph. It is heartbreaking to lose one so young with an entire life yet to live. We also pray for you and your family and Jennifer's family to be able to bare the burden of sorrow this has caused.

Libby said...

Keeping those prayers working overtime.

Cathi said...

What an emotional roller coaster ride for you and your family! I hope that Garrett pulls through and you can all start the healing process. Please know I'm thinking of you.

Candace said...

Sending lots of good thoughts your way for Garrett and all of you through such a difficult time, Stephanie.
Take care.

Lynda said...

Miracles do happen. You'll all be in my prayers.

MightyMom said...

goodness, you know I never thought about breathing difficulties after a twister. You're right, they probably inhaled EVERYTHING.


God Bless my sweet friend.