Saturday, May 28, 2011

Notes on Garrett

If you've read more than enough about The Tornado and my nephew, and are ready for some other kinds of posts--you'll want to skip my blog altogether for a while.  Nothing else is on my mind right now, though I will say I bought some fabric today to try and make a couple of summer dresses for myself.

I wanted to write about Garrett and what we've been through the past few days, but decided you could better understand it if I copied my brother's last few facebook posts.  Here they are verbatim, no corrections in spelling or punctuation.  Raw.

Thursday, May 26 4:30 pm
We have had a day of soul searching as we know that if conditions don't improve greatly in several areas, we will be forced to make possible life changing decisions for our son. I talked at length with a chaplain here, and her words were simple but clear. Her prayers for us after knowing us for four weeks are that (a) God will do what is best for Garrett and (b) what will bring the most glory to God, whatever that may be. There is nothing wrong with praying for healing, but if His will is not to heal Garrett here on earth, then we are trying to change Gods will. Not impossible, but improbable. She suggests we pray that God will, through our prayers, bring us in line with His will. And that, to me, makes sense. With literally thousands praying for us, I would ask that all of you pray that for us. God knows whats in our heart before we pray. But my prayers will be more effective if they ARE claiming His will, and not praying against His will. Does that make sense? I'm not blessed with articulation, but hopefully I've conveyed my thoughts well enough for you to understand. I'm still believing a miracle is coming, and that is the ONLY thing, according to the Doctors, that will change my Tiny Mans condition.
I do read all comments and messages, but with so many, I can't respond to every one, but please know my appreciation and love for all of you can't be put in words!

Update Midnight Thursday

Today has been extremely challenging. I realize my earlier post was vague, but due to my middle son not knowing about a crisis we were in, and not needing to inform him of it till after he got off work, I could not say anything for fear of it getting back to him before we could talk. Here is what transpired today. When we arrived at the hospital this morning we were informed of the Trauma dept head dr's of the need to put Garrett on dialysis due to worsening chemical imbalances, and early signs of possible kidney distress. The decision was ours, and being blindsided with this life changing scenario was quite distressing. This could effect Garretts quality of life when God allows him to walk out of here. Plus putting him on it will open a whole new world of infection possibilities. After stuggling for a couple of hours and deciding to allow it, the chief kidney specialist was called in and after his study of Garretts case and current evaluation, decided that it was not neccesary today, but could be at a future date. Maybe tomorrow, next week, but not today.
Then at 8PM tonight, Garretts pulse suddenly jumped from 120 to 200 and his BP started dropping. A facebook prayer request blitz happened at that time, thanks to a friend I was talking with when the doctor came to inform us of the crisis. A couple of shots os some kind of medication, and then a jolt from the paddles put him back in stride and 30 minutes after it happened he was back to his normal settings.

So now you are all up to date, and know why the earlier post wasn't more informative. Another days ride on the Garrett Coaster. We know there are more of these kinds of days ahead, and simply ask God for wisdom, strength for the journey, and the peace that passes all understanding. Good night everybody. (or good morning!)

Update Fri. 6:30 am
 Just spoke to night nurse: Garrett had a very eventful evening as we slept. His heart repeated last nights episodes another 3 times....,the cardio specialists were called in and a medication they had used on the first 3 episodes was changed and his last event was at around 4:30 AM. Since his last "shock" to achieve rhythem, his heart rate has stayed in the 90's, his O2 is coming back up in the 60's now, his CO2 is the lowest it's been in a week (almost normal) and he is, as of 6:20, resting. Unbelievable. What a story we're going to have to tell him when he wakes up. More Later

Update Noon Friday
As I write this, They are putting Garrett on dialysis, will be a 24 hr.cycle, and they hope by doing this, it will reduce the toxins that are building up. Kidney function is still at acceptable levels, but chemical imbalances are present.Cardiac Dr never showed up, so we're still in the dark on what is specifically causing it. His current heartrate is 187, and I'm sure God has his hand around his heart because that makes about 14 hours this has been going on. There's a healing coming, just hope it's on this side of Jordan. Father, nothing I can do for Tiny Man but put him totally in your strong arms. It Is Well.

Update 11:30pm Friday
I'm sorry for the late posting, but from about 2:30 till 10:15 we had a steady stream of visitors and it was just a very very busy afternoon! Garrett is on the dialysis and has tolerated it very well. The kidneys were not in crisis but were showing signs of distress, plus toxins building up were possible causes of cardiac arythmia. So he will have 24-7 dialysis until such time as the kidney's functions and creatnin (?) levels return to normal for several days in a row. No idea how long that could take, but just glad he is tolerating it. Improved blood oxygen levels in the later evening hours are a welcome relief, and CO2 levels are now normal. White count level is coming down slowly, but moving in the right direction. His cardiac team ordered a new blood pressure medicine that they feel his body will tolerate better. Several early afternoon attempts to transition him to it were met with rejection, but persistance paid off, and he is close to a complete changover. Heart had to be shocked back into rythem again around 5 pm (5th time in 21 hours), but since then, BP which had been being between 65/60 to 95/65 (yes I said 65/60), when we left was 120/75, and heart rate which had been 185-200 BPM with no rythem had dropped to 80 sinus rythem. (I know I'm not spelling "rythem" right or am I, my brain is fried) A very marked improvement in cardiac function.
I will check his stats again between 6-8 AM and hopefully post a morning report by 9:00. We are normally at the hospital from 9:30 AM till 10PM. If I can figure out a way to bring my grill in and find a deck somewhere to throw a couple of ribeyes on, I will be one happy camper!

Neither my brother nor his wife have been at work in a month. Frank's company has assured him he still has a job, but they are so small, they cannot afford to pay him while he's off. Janell's company has continued her pay so far. I lend my voice to his, if there is an Express Oil Change near you, please give them your business for supporting her during this time.

As always, thank you all for your continued prayers. I don't know how we'd all make it through the day with the love and support of friends and strangers who pray for us.


Mr. Macabre said...

Thank you for the update. I live in Northport (just outside of Tuscaloosa) and will definitely switch my business to Express Oil and tell my family and friends the same.

*karendianne. said...

Oh Stephanie, again, thank you for taking the time to bring us an update. As I read this post I felt the raw emotion of it all. While I cannot imagine (at all) what y'all are experiencing emotionally - I can say this is bringing out my own emotion and my own strong divine sense just WILLING Garrett to pull thru. I feel like I'm pulling on a rope tugging him back with all my strength. Yours truly, *karendianne.

Pokey said...

God's will; we do not want anything else...
I am a "stranger" who prays, Stephanie, for you and your family. My husband does, too...
hugs, pokey

AnnieO said...

Glad to hear there are positive updates on Garrett. What a true roller coaster the family has been on. I'm pulling for Garrett! His family's support has been helpig him, I am sure.

Karen said...

Definitely a roller coaster! Still praying, as are others in my family / circle.

MightyMom said...

God Bless.