Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Goings-on and Freecycle

I really admire the way so many people can continue blogging during this busy season, putting out recipes and craft instructions and glorious little photos. I appreciate it so much, but I just can't do it. Maybe it's because I'm not as organized as I thought I was. Maybe it's because all the decorating, baking, gift-wrapping and card-writing is up to me. I don't know. All I know is I have had the last 5 nights off, and there are still 8 bins of Christmas items sitting around my living room, dining room, kitchen, guest room and sewing room. Of course, there WERE 15 of them, so it's a bit of an improvement.

I have put up all the outside stuff I plan to (skipped the icicle lights this year), sent out Christmas cards through the H's in my address book, gone to a lunch meeting and surrendered the Area Bee to the next co-leaders, (hurray), rearranged the dining room and kitchen to accomodate the tree, assembled it, put the lights and garlands on and started with the decorations. I did some online shopping, but still have some stocking stuffers and the dog's treats to pick up. (Yes, I bought Tandi a stocking.) This morning I went to breakfast with hubby, who has been treading heavily on my last nerve, but who is really a dear. He just has bad timing--and a somewhat skewed sense of humor. And, as he's disability retired, is ALWAYS around. To get time to myself, I usually am the one to leave the house--when I desperately want to stay home and play with my toys.

But I went to a tree-trimming party at a co-worker's house on Sunday. "Now, why would you do that when your tree was still in the bag?" you might ask. Because she had 2 friends who are massage therapists set up their table and their chair and provide lovely massages! I was first on the table for an hour-long massage, courtesy of the J-Man who gave me money for 3 hours at a day spa last Christmas. (Then he couldn't remember who was running the special, so the money has sat in my nightstand drawer all this time.) Part of that money went to supplement the gift card for my balloon ride in October, and I still have about $20.00 left--the spending of which will be decided later.

It was wonderful, and I was a much calmer, happier person when I came home, much to Hubby's relief. I still need to finish the cards (soon!), do some baking, go to the Christmas potluck for my Quilting Area and award some prizes tomorrow, keep a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon, and start wrapping gifts, but I am less stressed about it all.

Today I was able to Pay it Forward a little (hated the movie, love the concept). Do you know about Freecycle? I first read about it on Flylady.net and if you remember, that's how I came by my hammock. Well, since then I've given away an old, heavy microwave table (from the 80's) someone was able to use for an old, heavy TV, and today, I dropped off a microwave that shuts down after 10 minutes on high power, making it unusable for "cooking". I can't do baked potatoes in it, nor casseroles, nor stuffed acorn squash, etc, but it's perfect for reheating lunches or water for hot chocolate, etc. So a lady who runs an agency providing temporary manual labor was able to put it in the group room for her waiting laborers to use for their lunches. We were all happy!

If you haven't checked it out, please do. In our area I have seen requests for Christmas decorations, gently used children's clothing and toys, appliances, etc. As you cull through your Christmas items, maybe you have some that you no longer love, or extra shiny balls you purchased that you can spare. Maybe you have things you don't need, but just haven't gotten around to dropping them off at your local charity. Consider offering them on Freecycle and make someone's Christmas just a little brighter.

P.S. I promise--photos soon!

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MightyMom said...

well now see, the difference between you and me is that you have 15 bins of Christmas decorations and I have 3. :-)

I'm just not a "hey the cat's not moving, let's stick some garland on him" person.