Saturday, March 29, 2008

"S" is for Saturday, Sewing, Scraps...

Well, my eyes are tired, but I am happy. I finally finished the baby quilt for our March of Dimes benefit at the hospital. Yeehaw!

I couldn't find anything in my Stash that I really liked for the backing, so I was forced to make a trip to my local quilt shop. It was a real Sacrifice. Truly.

I found Several fabrics that might have worked, but just didn't seem right. You know, you can put a baby girl in a blue blanket, but you don't dare put a baby boy in a pink blanket. And I couldn't find the right shade of green or yellow or even a peachy orange. So blue it was.

Whoever headed the March of Dimes benefit up at the hospital was really creative. Different departments have been competing against each other to raise the most money, and the winning department gets a pool party at a private School's gym. There have been raffles for massages and the hospital chef to cook your dinner, raffles for Easter and gift baskets, media and book sale, lasagna dinner, and this week is a "homegrown" craft sale. Since we're getting late in the game here, our team leader didn't want to start a raffle, for which I am kind of relieved, because I am still a novice quilter and would be embarrassed if it didn't sell for much. So I am putting it in the craft Sale, even though it's for another team. After all, it's all going for a good cause, and that was the purpose, right? So, I'm not really a traitor.

And I did come home yesterday morning, finish up another two batches of no-bake cookies for a dessert for the lasagna dinner, take a Shower, and go BACK over to the hospital to help out. By the time I hit the hay last night, I'd been up 30 hours (if you don't count the 45 minutes I Slept in the grocery store parking lot. Or the 30 minutes on the Sofa.) So my eyes are weary, and I think I'll put off working on my taxes til morning. (Did I mention I'm a Major Procrastinator?)

So I'll make myself be responsible and work on the taxes for a couple of hours and then Sew in the afternoon. I really want to put the Squares together for DD's string quilt. After Amanda was nice enough to find the fabric for me, the Shop hadn't updated their Site, and they didn't have the raindrop fabric in the blue. So we're back to figuring out the alternatives. However, DD liked the Sunny Showers fabric they had on site, and wants that for the backing. We discussed the fact that it might be hokey, but hokey is okey-dokey. After all, it's just for wrapping up and lying around on the Sofa and reading or napping or watching old movies. The cats assured her they didn't really care what color it was.

Well, if you've made it this far into my ramblings, you're a trooper. So I won't subject you to any more of it. Instead, you might want to head on over to MightyMom's place. Sarah hosts a Thesaurus Thursday every week with the answers and "awards" given out on Monday, so there's still time to play along. My brain is on furlough this week; I couldn't come up with a thing myself, but maybe you can!


Mommy Brain said...

The quilt looks great - I love the colors! And it's for a really wonderful cause so extra great job.

Jacquie said...

I would so buy this! You have worked hard for a great cause. As a mom of a former preemie, it's a cause close to my heart! Hope it sells for lots! I'm a terrible procrastinator too..taxes still looming, but why hurry, right?

Ruth's Place said...

The quilt is lovely, I'd buy it too.

MightyMom said...

oooooo I LOVE it!! Did you hand or machine quilt?

Great Job!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that quilt, Stephanie!! The colors are my favorites. Purples and yellows, to die for.