Friday, March 21, 2008


Well, it's my last full day off. (sigh) It's been great, even though I didn't get half of my list done. I don't know why I bother making lists, since most of them would require an entire season off to accomplish. I must be under the delusion I'm already retired or have won the lottery, or something.

I did get the 2007 tax info ready to go to an accountant. Have you looked at the instructions for filing online yourself? Sheesh! Just like anything else the government tries to write directions for....nothing simple about it. So now to find someone to do my taxes who can handle the SS and disability incomes. And I did start on my 2005 taxes yesterday.

Yes, you heard me right. Have I mentioned that procrastination is one of my major faults? I haven't done my 2005 NOR my 2006 taxes yet. Got a notice about the 2006s but shhhh...the IRS hasn't discovered the year before. Of course, posting it on the internet here is akin to waving the red flag and I'm sure to find another notice in the mailbox within 48 hours.

I explain it to J-Man by reminding him we always get a little money back, but then he reminds me we could use that money and the government isn't paying us any interest. Obviously, I'm not trying to keep from paying them any money; it's just, well, math was never my strong suit. After finishing yesterday, it took 400mg of Ibuprofen and Taco Bell to get rid of the headache. I'm thinking finishing the other 2 might require Red Lobster.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to run a few errands. Just got the 3rd overdue notice from the library.....

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MightyMom said...

yes well, there were 2 years in a row that Subvet just knew we were going to get a refund so he didn't bother filing.......till after the next jan....only to find we OWED and then had to pay a PENALTY.