Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Catching up

After a beautiful weekend, we're supposed to have cooler temps and possibly a shower or two before it heats up to the mid 70s this weekend. On the one hand, I've been itching to get out and work in the yard, but on the other hand, I still tire very easily, and the inhaler is still kicking sleep to the curb. Only 3 more days of it, thank goodness. I go back to work tonight, and I'm really dreading it.

Saturday the local birds elected a spokesperson to remind me the feeders were empty. What a racket! Some little guy was out there just a-pounding on the wooden feeder. It's a wonder he didn't break his little beak. So Tandi and I took the bin of birdseed out and filled all four feeders. Poor things! With all the rain, some of those seeds had actually sprouted in the feeders, and I scraped 2" tall greens out of a couple of them. Word must have spread throughout the neighborhood, because Sunday afternoon, here's what was going on outside my sewing room window:

Isn't that one gorgeous tail?

Without the tail, though, he looks like a white rat.

He caught a glimpse of me through the window just before I banged on it to scare him away. I don't mind feeding the squirrels, but I don't want them at the feeder, so I toss their food out into the yard. Guess this little guy was particularly hungry.

Have you been following the Bloggers' Quilt Festival over at Amy's place? There are over 430 entries so far, and I've only managed to get through about 75 of them! Where did everyone come from? So many different styles and skill levels--it's a real feast for the eyes! I can tell I'll be checking these out for at least the next week or so!
Sewing here has been very scant--just too lethargic to get much done. Jacqui has challenged everyone to "Spring to Finish" all those UFOs and WIPs in our sewing rooms--there's still time if you want to hop on over and check it out. Maybe next week I'll have a finish to show.


Catherine said...

A white squirrel?? Oh, my -- Lester would love to be watching that!

Libby said...

A squirrel is a squirrel . . . . but at least yours is a little cuter than the mangy onese we have here *s*

audreypawdrey said...

I can't believe you had sprouts in your feeder! Everything looks so green, too. We still have plenty of time left for the challenge. I am trying to get a couple more things done as well. I am glad you are feeling better!

Kerri said...

i've never seen a white squirrel. so pretty!!

i've also enjoyed viewing all the different quilts!! it is so hard to get through all of them with there being so many now. :)

jacquie said...

i'm still working my way through all those quilts too. what an amazing little visitor. pretty cool, i'd say.

Our Red House said...

Is that an albino squirrel, or simply a white one? We don't have squirrels in Australia so of course I think they're adorable.


Julie Stiles Mills said...

That squirrel is so pretty! I feed the squirrels too. I'm still battling the raccoons, trying to keep them from dragging the bird feeders up into the tree. I usually feed them too, but I ran out of cracked corn and they are back to stealing suet cakes.

julieQ said...

What a lovely white squirrel! I love to watch them, but have never seen a white one!