Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finishes and more Halloween stuff

In the spirit of autumn and Halloween, I finished a couple of items this week.

First is the table topper I started a couple of years ago for a co-worker who rides motorcycles with her husband, and who also loves Halloween. I got stuck on sandwiching and quilting it (the usual sticking point), but took my inspiration from Jacquie's blog and went unconventional on the quilting:

Being able to fussy cut the bikers and then the quilting prompted the name I gave this quilt: Points of Impact.

I got a squeal and a couple of hugs from her, and she seemed sincere, so I hope she liked it.

Next is the apron from the panels I won off Mary's blog:

Remember, I was going to use the trivet panels for pockets on the apron? Well, the pockets would have obstructed so much of the cute picture I just couldn't do it, so I made the scented trivet just as the instructions suggested. Here is the trivet before stuffing:

And here it is, stuffed and sewn shut:

The instructions included the recipe for stuffing with rice and whole cloves with allspice and scented oil. It was so easy, and smelled so good, I'm seriously thinking of making a bunch of these for Christmas gifts at work, using Christmas and winter fabrics.
It wouldn't take any time at all to sew up a dozen or so, and then wait until early December to stuff and give them, so the scent is as fresh as possible.

Lastly, I found these at a yard sale last weekend:

Perfect for the Halloween party! I haven't decided if I'll spray paint the brass candleholder with black paint yet or not, but I will be scouring yard sales for more possibilities.

And WalMart had these on clearance from their summer items:

The colors are just right, and I can see chips in the bowls and other items on the plates, including a small version of Puking Pumpkin with avocado dip, straight from Extreme Halloween. Puking Pumpkin is a new tradition at my house and I have to keep finding new ways to display him.

I have the weekend off, and will be working on Halloween props, so I'm hoping to have more photos for you later.

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Pat said...

What fun! I love the bikers/Halloween and perfect for the improvsional quilting style!

Great idea for the Christmas gifties--I love it when a plan come together :)

Catherine said...

Watching you get ready for Hallowe'en makes me grin!!
Your Christmas gift ideas sound super!

MightyMom said...

yeah, I wondered how on earth you were gonna put pockets on top of that design!!

the trivets sound yummy

squeals are usually a good sign.