Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Movie Trivia Answer 9/19

Okay, this week's questions were about the movie "Changeling" with Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich.

1. What was unusual (by today's standards) about the equipment worn by the telephone operator's supervisor in the 1920s?  Maggie and Jen got this one correct--the supervisors wore roller skates and skated quickly from one operator to another along a long wall of, um, whatever those were--switchboards, I think they were called. She had her own set of headphones that she plugged into the switchboard to speak to the caller.

2. Why was Stanford Clark originally brought to the police station?  The boy was brought in because he was a Canadian citizen currently staying with his uncle in the US, and was apparently seen in another town.  The police brought him in to ship him back to Canada.
This is a disturbing movie, on several levels, but Angelina did a terrific job--very understated and subtle, but effective.  Just plan to watch something light afterwards to pull yourselves back out of the glooms.
New question on Saturday!


Jen said...

Oh! I guess I thought Stanford was the man...the...bad guy. I had no idea the boy was a Canadian citizen. I missed that completely. Yes, this movie was VERY disturbing, and I didn't see it coming AT ALL. I was sideswiped and it hit me HARD. I wish there had been some indication of what was in store. I don't think I would have watched it. I steer clear of movies that involve kids, in that fashion.

Libby said...

*shoot* Changeling just arrived from Netflix. I'll try next time *s*

Catherine said...

We just picked it up at the video store. I've wanted to see it for ages!

MightyMom said...

for you Ms Halloween