Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday at the Movies 9/19

I'm trying to get this one up early so you can rent it or watch it on a premium channel this weekend, because it's a recent movie:
Changeling, with Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich. I'm going to ask 2 questions this week.

1. What was unusual (by today's standards) about the equipment worn by the telephone operator's supervisor in the 1920s?

2. Why was Stanford Clark originally brought to the police station?

Answers on Tuesday!


Maggie said...

She wore roller skates.

Jen said...

She wore roller skates, which was cool, but odd. (and I loved Jolie in this movie.)

Pat said...

AW man...I didn't see this movie! and you already have your answers! I was soooo hoping for a Patrick Swayze movie trivia :)

Jen said...

I can't remember what the guy was brought in for....some kind of property violation?

MightyMom said...