Saturday, October 31, 2009

In the Midst...

...and the mist! 

The rain stopped for about 3 hours--and has started drizzling slightly again.  Not enough to deter many ToTs and not yet enough to put out the candles or the tiki torches, thank goodness.

Had to scrap so many plans--the corn stalks died and the X fell for the last time.  I propped it back up, but ditched the corn stalks on it.  One of the teens just asked me where was "the PVC guy", because I finally just dismantled him.  He kept falling apart in the mud, because his supports gave out, and wouldn't hold up wet clothing.

I've had them from about 18 months old (you know who's eating their candy!) to teens in hockey masks and skeleton masks.  And as long as they make an effort, I don't care how old they are.  I've even offered a couple of them grocery sacks to take around, because all they had were their pockets!

The best part of the evening so far?  A little guy about 3 years old in prisoner stripes came early.  His mom prompted him "Now, say Trick or Treat!" 

Instead he looked up at me and said "I wike your house." 

Worth every anxious, frustrated moment of the season!


jacquie said...

Happy Halloween!!!

Penny said...

Ah, that is adorable!

Our girls - well - Evelyn - have been completely enchanted. This is Evelyn's favorite day of the year. We put a gate in front of the door and they greet the T ot T's. Pearl wasn't so sure about all that.

Karen said...

Ah that's SO cute, no wonder he was your favorite! And what a good attitude you have on the teens. We don't have a lot stopping by but I guess we should give 'em a break, huh?

julieQ said...

Sorry abou the decorations...but sounds like the little guys had a great time at your house!!!

Alycia said...

I wike your house too. Sorry about the rain.

MightyMom said...


at least he didn't say "I squashed a duck!" like my 4 yr old is prone to do at moments like that.