Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two Adults and a Dog

Well, DD left this morning and is home now, tossing limp vegetables out, mollifying the cats, and getting ready for work tomorrow.  She has been a gem, cooking for her dad, reading to him, and giving him his meds when I had to work and sleep.  We probably won't see her again until around Thanksgiving, or maybe Christmas.  She has suggested we think about moving closer to her, so she would be able to help more.  The thought surprised me, as I sometimes regress to her teens and early twenties, when she was so anxious to get out on her own, away from home and parental units. But she is an adult and I believe this summer, with first her own health issues and now her dad's, has changed all our perspectives.

J-Man's cousin Bill came up yesterday and left this morning.  He thought he'd be able to get a room here in town, if he stayed overnight, and I laughed when he suggested it. It's leaf-peeper season and rooms are hard to come by, especially on the weekend.  No matter.  We tossed the extra pillows off the sofa and threw on some queen-sized sheets and blankets, and he declared it more comfortable than his own couch, where he slept after coming down with some respiratory illness a couple of weeks ago. It's a long drive from his home to ours, about 5 1/2 hours, but it did hubby a world of good to have a member of his family around who wasn't pushing pills or needles or watching what he ate--and wasn't female!  We did a lot of laughing and the guys did a lot of reminiscing and we introduced Bill to the movie Sneakers

The house feels very empty with half its population gone. Tandi has had a great time playing with DD's dog, but she has spent the rest of the day snoozing on the back of the sofa, exhausted from the week, and happy to be back in her safe little routine with her human family all together again.

It all feels rather surreal right now; we're in our own home with usual bedtimes, thermostat control, and refrigerator access again, but things are not quite the same.  There's a stack of pharmacy receipts and paperwork on the dining room table, new medication times to learn, and these on the bathroom counter, waiting for an empty jug in which to be discarded:

That represents over $800.00 worth of medication injected into hubby's abdominal wall. Doesn't look like that much, does it? Tonight was his last injection until after the liver biopsy Tues. afternoon.

Tomorrow the carpet cleaner comes, followed by some salesman who will pitch a clean air system recitation that I will only halfway hear, in order to help a friend get a carpet shampooer. I wish I'd said no. There are MD appointments to be made, meals to be cooked, laundry to do, floors to be mopped and recorded programs to be watched, but really, we wait. And after Tuesday we wait again.  And through it all, we try not to speculate or worry.


MightyMom said...

try not to speculate...or worry...or stab each other with used needles!!

seriously, since they're "safety" and are sheathed I think you can just pitch them....plan B would be to take them with you to whatever is the next MD apt and throw em in their sharps.

Penny said...

Glad family has swooped in. I hope things go better, very soon. You hav SUCH a good attitude!

Libby said...

Some of the best medicine is just being in your own space with your own stuff *s*
I'll be thinking of you guys this week.

Arlette said...

So much on both of your plates right now and then having to put up with a salesman's pitch too??? I'm glad that your daughter was able to be there for the two of you. Having a caring support system is crucial in trying times. Keeping you both in my prayers. Take care.

cockermom said...

Prayers coming your way from Indiana! You guys hang in there.
Tandy, take care of mommy and daddy, OK? LOL

HarryJack's Mom said...

Prayers and good wishes from VA! We also opted out of our usual Halloween party, which is only a fraction of the of yours and for happier reasons. I hope you can rest a bit and find some peace in not having I'm sure you'll hear all about how special it is for others, which will get you all geared up for next year, right? Blessings to you both! Take good care :-)