Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not What I'd Planned

Yesterday was spent putting the last layer of papier mache on the hands.  Yes, I was cutting it close. I also picked up 6 more pumpkins and last-minute supplies to finish the outside, and stopped by Wally World to get a new DVD and some munchies.

 I just barely got home before the rain and my guests arrived--two gals from work who came over for a short movie night.  They are not into horror movies and Halloween madness, but we sat around and watched the old black-and-white version of "Night of the Living Dead" and ridiculed the blond bimbo and the police chief with the ammo belt slung over his shoulder.  It's a little hard to be frightened by that movie anymore.

We also watched "Trick 'r Treat"--just released this month.  It was never at the theaters; it was supposed to come out in 2007, but was released to DVD instead. I liked it myself, and even though there were some dark moments, we didn't really find it scary. 

Maybe the levity of poking fun at the first movie was still hovering around, or maybe it was because we were all together. Whatever. It was still a good movie, with some really interesting twists.  I'd definitely recommend it.

It's still raining.  15 hours and counting.  I haven't weather-proofed the tombstones or the hands yet, haven't stuffed and dressed the farmer/hatchet man, haven't carved the first jack-o-lantern, and now I'm wondering if it will be worth the effort. I'm thinking the kids will all go to the malls or to indoor carnivals and festivals rather than traipse around in the dark, wet night.  

See the PVC dude back there?  Hatchet man?  He might just be a ghost instead, with sheets thrown over him at the last minute. 

The birdbath was supposed to hold a bunch of old sticks and leaves and 3 foam skulls.  IF I get the jack-o-lanterns carved, one may go there instead.  Somehow, skulls floating in a birdbath just aren't scary.

Sigh.  I may get to watch a LOT of scary movies tonight.


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Wow your place looked great. I am sick of the rain....too. It stopped me from putting out much this year.

MightyMom said...

ooo sorry you're rained out!

MightyMom said...

you gotta see this!