Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quilting to be continued....

I mentioned to a friend that I might as well just tear the October page off the sewing room calendar, because nothing ever gets done quiltwise til after Halloween is over.  The Howliday just consumes all my time and energy until about the end of the first week of November, after all the spooky stuff is put away for another year.

But I did want to join Finn's New Year's Eve UFO challenge, and to do that I must list what I hope to finish by then.  Since one of the items I was going to list is on the home stretch, here is a brief quilty break!

1. Swap block table runner--binding
2. Swap block table topper--sandwich, quilt, and bind
3. Baby quilt for co-worker's daughter--quilt and bind
4. DD's flannel quilt repair
5. DD's string quilt--border, sandwich, quilt and bind
6. DH's chessboard--quilt and bind

Okay, we now return to my usual October chaos, complicated by recent rains:

toppled cornstalk "X"


Cathi said...

Good luck on meeting your quilting goals!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I agree, the floating bones are perfect! don't worry too much about the quilting, goals are just GOALS, not written in blood! (so appropriate for a Halloween gal!)

Karen said...

Yes, neato soupy bones!

Libby said...

A very nice mix of projects - somehow just getting down in black and white is all we need to push us to begin *s*

Mary said...

Well at least with the goals written you have a better chance of meeting them. I'm a big fan of lists but I have to be careful NOT to put too much on them or I kill myself trying to mark them all off.

MightyMom said...

I TOLD you those drowned bones are creepy!!!

and have I sewn the costumes yet??? do you need to ask???

Nicola said...

You are so lucky to have everyone enjoying halloween. We in Sydney find it really difficult to get people to participate and at the moment I have a very grumpy 11year old to deal with.

Finn said...

Good job Stephanie, I'm sure you'll just sail right through those, once you get going again. The Halloween touches on your blog are so coooool. Happy booing, Finn