Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Showing my Age

I have finally become my father.  Which isn't altogether a bad thing, but, well, you decide.

Last week I was at JC Penney, exchanging a few items.  As I left the store, I passed stacks of jeans with frayed seams, rips, and threadbare areas--old-looking jeans with new prices.  There are racks of jeans in better condition at Goodwill!  Heck, just buy twice as many at the local thrift store for the same amount of money, and rough them up a bit!  Am I out of the loop here?

Then one of our young nursing assistants was talking about a band he likes, named "P____(insert male body part here) Monkey." Said they had some good music. Now I don't like rap, or grunge (do they still do that?) or heavy metal, but there are some sounds out there I really like these days.  However, I told Eric I would never be able to discuss their music with him, because I refuse to listen to a band with that name.  He said I was judging a book by its cover.  I said anyone who willingly names their band something you wouldn't want to discuss with your grandmother is showing more of their character than a simple book cover.
Am I wrong?

Thirdly, Mighty Mom posted a challenge a couple of weeks ago to "show your greyness."  Well, here you are folks:

Unlike my father, who was bald long before his death at age 47, I have hair, white though it may be.

So.  Did I show my age?

PS.  I missed the flu shot from work last month due to J-Man's hospitalization, so now I've come down with a mild case of it.  Hope to answer your comments and visit all your blogs soon.  In the meantime, have a Happy Holiday week!


HarryJack's Mom said...

Hope you're feeling better soonest, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! I wish mine would gray up that nicely...just random ridiculous strands, tho lots more recently. I once knew a blind date was not going to go well when I got into the car to the sounds of b---hole surfers....agree with the comment about not being able to talk about it with your grandmother. I am getting old, too ;-)

Cathi said...

I'm always somewhat bemused when I see torn, ripped jeans being sold at such high prices. As for band names, I think that one may be taking rebellion a bit far! My hair started going white in my late 20s. By the time I hit 45, it was all white. I tried colouring it for a few years, but that's too much time and expense!
I hope you get over the flu quickly and oh, how I hope you don't get that horrible headache with it!

AnnieO said...

My sister has become my father, I have become my mother...it happens to all of us I guess, sooner or later! LOL

Arlette said...

Oh Stephanie, sorry to hear that you came down with the flu. I hope that you feel better soon.
As far as that band goes, they could have done much better than that. Way different than the bands of our time like The Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Who, The Turtles and The Beatles. I guess all the nice, cutesy names have already been taken, huh?
I am currently running around with a nice "skunk" strip on the top of my hair. Not a good look. One of these days I will go 'al natural' too. One of these days.

MightyMom said...

ooooo I can't wait to get hair like yours!!!

love the cut too. do you have to blow dry it and all that to get the nice pouf on top?

I'm afraid I'll just stay salt and pepper forever, you can see my mom in my header pic, she's still saltnpepper.....

Karen said...

You might have more gray hair than I do but I agree with you. I bought some jeans on Black Friday and then took them back to exchange for jeans without holes. I also agree, I would not be able to discuss the band. And there's a lot to be said for a name!!!

julieQ said...

Hope you are doing better! I too think pre-torn jeans are not for me, but my son looks great in them! I could not discuss that band either...hmmm, am I aging? Nahhhh, these young whippersnappers are just too wild!! Hee!