Saturday, November 21, 2009

Uneventful Week

Not much is going on in Scrapsville--well, not much of interest.  There is always work, and always housework. I did get my first full paycheck since early September.  The bank account breathed a little sigh of relief.  I figured out, I only worked 4 days in October.  I was on call sometimes, and I took PDO, but only 4 shifts did I actually work. Except for the pay, I could get used to that!

Took the hammock down this week. Raked 17 bags of leaves--and there are at least 3 times that many still out there, but I ran out of bags.  Got most of the Halloween stuff packed away, but I need to buy another plastic bin.  I'm considering a small storage facility for the Halloween and Christmas bins, as well as the boxes of past tax information, the bedside commode we got, but never used, the artificial Christmas tree, and the boxes of milkglass I own, but have no place to display.  The garage is getting a little crowded.

Let's see: what else?  I took a couple of boxes to the vocational thrift shop to donate, exchanged some items I bought for the J-Man which were the wrong size, and dropped off a shoebox of toys at a local church for Samaritan's Purse.  I made up the box last year and missed the deadline, and would have missed it this year, too, except I heard it mentioned on the local radio station. I had every intention of making up a couple more, but didn't realize the deadline was so soon.

Oh, and took Tandi to the vet for routine bloodwork.  Since we are going up to DD's this Fri. (a 7.5-hr drive), I wanted something to settle her down.  She doesn't like riding in the car and she freaks out at rest stops with all the people and the noise.  He gave her something he calls "Doggy Prozac" that won't sedate her, but will ease her anxiety.  I hope it works. Our last dog loved car rides, but Tandi is so neurotic.  She's also about 5 pounds over what she weighed last year, so she and I started walking some.  We won't talk about my weight, except to laugh hysterically at the mere thought of a 5lb weight loss making a difference.

I finished one of my UFOs, but haven't taken a picture yet.  I need to do that and mark it off Finn's list.

BTW, I'm leaving the poll open until Monday night, so let me know how you feel about continuing the movie trivia game.  There have been only 4 votes so far, maybe because I haven't posted much lately and people haven't seen the poll.  If most all are in favor, I'll restart it next weekend.  What the heck, it's a holiday and a good time to watch movies--if you can outvote the football watchers, or find another TV!


Pokey said...

Hey, Stephanie, I am one of your littl' ol' lurkers, I do not usually chime in. Maybe because I'm unsure of answers, and do not have time to go watch a movie, ya know what I mean?
But I enjoy your movie trivia, and you and I watch some of the same stuff. I'm tickled when you are asking about some of the Davis' household faves, let's see, Sneakers, Adventures in Babysitting, and I think I remember Princess Bride?
Anywho, you are on my google reader for the quilting, but I enjoy all your stuff.
Even when it seems uneventful!
Thank you, pokey

MightyMom said...

4 shifts a month? coolness. too bad we can't feed our families on that huh?

how's life now that you're leaderless?? while the cats away...are the mice playing????

Libby said...

Oh the leaves! They are so pretty when they are on the trees and SO much work once they fall *s*

julieQ said...

I love your trivia!! We have been canceled a lot at our work, so I have to find other places in the hospital to work. But, I know it is the big breath before the plunge...after Thanksgiving, we will be full, full in our CCU. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!