Wednesday, January 06, 2010


It's still lower than freezing here--25degrees with a windchill factor of 14F.  I can't get my truck out of the driveway.  Tried to start her the other day, after slip-sliding across the frozen tundra to get to it.  Poor Rose, she gave a mighty effort, but finally couldn't even turn over.  I'm thinking we may have to call our auto service here in a few days to jump start her. In the meantime, J-Man and I continue to share the SUV--when we're absolutely forced to leave the house.  I have yet to reschedule my missed dental appointment and my missed bone density scan/mammogram.  I am going to have to bite the bullet and get my haircut, though.  Carrie hasn't seen me since before Halloween. Then there's that pesky rule the hospital has about not issuing paychecks unless the staff actually shows up.

The birds are having a turf war at the feeders.  Just watched a possessive male cardinal literally chase a little song sparrow all around the feeder until a tiny Carolina wren scared them both away.  Usually it's at least a half hour after filling the feeders before the birds venture over, but it was less than 10 minutes today.  It's difficult for them to find anything to eat these days. The ground is so hard that I was able to take the yard card down today, but not the stakes holding it or the spotlight or the extension cord stakes.  They are frozen in place.  Maybe next week, when we get that heat wave of 44 degrees they're predicting....

Can you see the snow boulders still lining the streets?  That snow was almost 3 weeks ago!  I know you folks north of the Mason-Dixon Line aren't impressed, but we Southerners are ready for some warmer temps to go with this lovely cloudless sky. 

Guess this little guy will hang around just awhile longer.


Cathi said...

You're getting our kind of winter weather! Not much snow here yet but have we ever had the cold weather with wind chills of around -20.

Lori in South Dakota said...

ROFL--your truck doesn't start, and I think ours is snowed in at the moment. My little blue car just got a new battery, so it probably would start. I can't remember it EVER not starting! Well, once when Ken left the dome light on!

Libby said...

I'm impressed . . . I love the snow and winter and seeing all the pictures from all around *s*

MightyMom said...

gumbo, fire, hooligans, pets. why leave the house??

Julie Stiles Mills said...

I LOVE snowmen (but I usually don't tell people because they buy me every flippin snowman they ever see again "because Julie likes snowmen."

I like to leave them out all winter, but this year they got packed up with Christmas stuff.


I love watching and feeding the birds too. Unfortunately we fed five raccoons LOTS of birdseed last night.