Monday, January 18, 2010

Leaking Brain Cells

The good news is--Rose, my baby truck, is okay! After stopping by the auto repair shop on my way home from work this morning, I called our auto service to arrange for the truck to be towed to the mechanic's.  The lady asked if I'd tried to jump start her.  Well, no, just tried starting her up and stopped when she started making weird noises.

So when the tow truck got there about 9:30, he attached the jumper cables.  After about 3 false starts, she got her second wind and started right up!  Woohoo!  Way to go, Rose!

The driver advised me to let her run 30-45 minutes before turning her off.

Well, sure.  

Here's the disturbing news. I pulled up a couple more leftover Christmas decoration stakes out of the thawing ground, came in and answered the computer-generated call-back to assure them the tow truck came, changed into my nightgown and went to bed.

With the motor still running.

Woke up all of a sudden at 2:30 pm realizing what I'd done.  Five hours later.   Jumped up, ripped off the C-PAP, detoured by the bathroom, and dashed  stumbled into the living room, where my darling super-husband told me he'd realized the same thing about noon and went out to turn my car off. Which was a pretty good feat, considering there is still a small mounded barrier of ice-crusted snow blocking the gravel drive, and he has mobility problems. My hero!

Then he told me I could never say anything about his memory again. I promised.

Of course, I can't guarantee I will be able to remember that promise.

Now I have to go check my gas gauge.


AnnieO said...

Oh, ho, too funny. I get quite a visual of you starting suddenly awake in bed and leaving the room as lickety split as you can! Glad someone's memory boost vitamins kicked in. We humans, we're so easily distracted!

Cathi said...

What a story!! At least your truck started and the engine ran for a while -- whether you meant it to run quite that long or not! :-)

jacquie said...

i really shouldn't laugh, but the scene must have been a little funny! hug that hubby...he's a keeper!

Lori in South Dakota said...

You goofball! I will think of you every time I "warm a vehicle up."

MightyMom said...

oh my goodness girl!


now that takes......talent?

julieQ said...

Hee!! That is a good one, sounds just like something I would do. You work nights...poor baby being woken up like that!!