Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wins and Hopefuls

Hey, I won some giveaways!

First, and I am so sorry I forgot to post it earlier, was a book from Julie at Pragmatic Compendium. In fact, I was second choice, because Mommybrain had just won a rocking horse for her twins, and graciously bowed out of the winning of this book.

Thanks to Julie and Mommybrain both! I'm only half through with it, but it's because I have to force myself to break away to do mundane things like cook, clean, work, etc...

And last week, on BooMama's site, Show-Offs Art was giving away a small magnetic board, a large magnetic board, and a wrapped canvas. When I got the email from Annette stating I'd won, I asked which was mine and she said to just pick what I wanted!

Since I was incapable of making difficult decisions last night, I chose this one:

and then bought this one:

Be sure and read the story of how they got started--it's beautiful.

Maybe I should try buying a lottery ticket, huh? I seem to be on a roll.

In the hopes of winning more, here are a couple of giveaways I'm entering:
Pat at Bits and Pieces is having a giveaway of quilty items if you'll tell her the name of your favorite quilt shop. Count me in!

And I read about it at Lettie's blog, Polkadot Pineapple (don't you just love that name?), who is having a giveaway of her own, so I entered that one, too!

Now, I know I've been tagged by Lori, but I'm gonna need to think on these a bit, so I'll get to it later!


Libby said...

Hey those are fun boards . . . easy to see why you couldn't choose just one *s*

Jacquie said...

Congrats on the wins! Cute boards! I should have known Braveheart...duh! Maybe I'll get the next one!