Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One More Day!

(Scroll down for the answer to last Saturday's movie trivia question)

Rough weekend at work! I think what jinxed me was taking the swap quilt to work to hand stitch the binding during "slower moments". Ha! Now I'm happy to be home and participating in a little fabric therapy.

I've found a few more items to add to my birthday/200th post/cleaning-up-the-sewing-room giveaway.

This is a wooden scroll-type plaque ready to paint and place on a wreath, or above a craft display:

Next are two little gold-tone angels, and a 3-dimensional pewter sewing machine, which could be used for embellishments:

The drawing is tomorrow at 10:00am, so you still have time to visit this post and leave a comment. I know it's a long post, but those blogs are worth visiting, as were the blogs I mentioned in a similar post. Besides, don't you want to see all the items I'm going to mail someone?

Good luck, everyone!

1 comment:

Subvet said...

very nice. I make a point of always taking some handwork, that way it doesn't jinx me too much when I have it. I also spend the drive in praying for a quiet night. every night.