Thursday, July 24, 2008


Thanks to all who stopped by yesterday to wish me a happy birthday! And it was, too!
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I really didn't have much planned for yesterday. Just having some time off from work was enough for me. And look what came in the mail for me yesterday from DD:

She doesn't read my blog, so didn't know I'd just mentioned wanting a Norah Jones CD, but does scan my wish list on Don't you just love sites that provide wish lists? It makes shopping easier for friends and family and the recipient gets something he or she doesn't want to exchange!

DD turned 30 on the 11th of July, but had to cancel her trip down to see us the weekend of the 4th, as she was desperately seeking housing in a new town and hadn't found anything yet. In fact, she had called us in tears, asking if we could take her little Bella for a while, because no one wanted to rent to a gal with 2 cats and an indoor dog. Of course, we would, as Isabella and Tandi get along pretty well, and we didn't want her to have to find Bella a new home.

DD had been hunting for places for a while, but since it is a University town, and school starts next month, affordable housing is at a premium. I asked if she had put her own ad on craigslist, which she hadn't thought of, so she promptly did just that. (Imagine! Mom might have something there!) Someone who needed to break her lease contacted my daughter and now DD has a place to move into next weekend. AND, she gets to keep all 3 pets without paying an outrageous amount. Sweet.

As a pleasant result, we were able to arrange to meet for dinner last night in a city between us, a little less than 2 hours from here. The three of us sat around for 2 hours, eating and visiting and enjoying our time together. It's been Feb. since she was here, and her new town will be over 6 hours away from us instead of the 2.5 hours it has been. She's got her own life, and is looking forward to her new job as an attorney, but as she was talking animatedly about the apartment and moving plans, I couldn't help wishing she was going to be just a bit closer. Or that she had found a 2-bedroom so we could come stay with her now and then.

Well. That's why hotels exist, isn't it?

On the way home, I popped the Stephen King audio into the CD player to help me stay awake, because I am a person who can fall asleep in the car 5 minutes after pulling out of our driveway. And it was my turn at the wheel. Driving through the mountains late at night, I was getting delicious goosebumps listening to Mare Winningham read the story of a gal trapped by a psychotic killer.

A rest stop just over the state line offered the opportunity to get out and walk around in the cool night air and grab a cappucino. Just as I was getting back into the car, I heard a series of short barks that ended with howling sounds, coming from the woods up the hill behind the rest stop. That cappucino almost didn't make it back to the car with me! They could have been wild dogs instead of the wolves or coyotes I assumed they were, but there was something decidedly unfriendly out there. J-man assured me they wouldn't come into the light, but I wanted a substantial barrier between them and me all the same. Just in case he was wrong, you know.

It was a wonderful birthday.


Libby said...

Day late and a dollar short . . . ype that's me. I don't know how I missed your birthday yesterday *ugh* So let me say now, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
Good to hear that things are working out for your daughter - now to have the planets align for our Princess *s*
Oh yeah - Mare Winningham, I have always liked her. Seems like there was a time when she was in something just about all the time . . . then she started having kids (lots, I think) and sort of disappeared. I'll have to IMDB her (who knew IMDB was a verb *s*) to see what else she's been up to.

quitecontrary1977 said...

happy belated birthday from me too! sounds like, for the most part, you had a peaceful birthday! swing by my blog sometime this week.I'm doing the giveaway thing and it'd be awesome if you'd stop in!

Steph said...

SCARY! I wouldn't have been able to resume with the Stephen King after wolves barked at me. *shudder*

Glad you had a wonderful time with your DD and that she's happy. I think she'll look back on these one on one times with you and cherish them, especially being so far away. My mom lives in the same town as me, but I still love those rare occasions when it's just us. Doesn't happen near enough.

MightyMom said...

aaaahhhh, any good S King reader knows about big unfriendly dogs and gals stuck in cars!!!

Glad you had a good time and that things worked out for DD! Fabulous gift!!

Anonymous said...

I woulda spilled that cappucino all over myself.

I can't handle Stephen King.
Nope, not me.

Happy Birthday to you, if I haven't said it already!!!!

I'm so glad you saw DD and had a good dinner.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, Stephanie, this made me think of the time that my mom, my brother, and I watched Cujo late at night. Mom (single mom) was in the middle of the loveseat, and when that dog ran out and rammed the car, my brother jumped on my mom like a spider monkey!
He was wrapped around her tighter than velcro.
ahhhh, memories.