Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday at the Movies

Okay, this one is a bit obscure, but with a little thought, you can probably figure it out.

"The use of caller ID increased more than threefold after the release of this film".

What was it?

Hints on Monday if no guesses. Answer on Tuesday!

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Steph said...

I love Saturday at the movies!! :)

Hmm... okay. My first thought was When A Stranger Calls, but I think the original came out in the 70's, which was too early for caller ID, and the remake just came out a few years ago, which was too late for caller ID to suddenly become that popular. I then thought about Phone Booth (totally dumb movie) but that really didn't have anything to do with caller ID. I think caller ID became really popular in the mid-90's. I remember after watching Scream in the theater that I was really glad I had it, so that's my guess. Scream?